Spring Up

Scene: Spring’s chill, light layering, and swing temperatures. Trench coats, jackets, sweaters, and coats. Brights and neutrals. Platinum, charcoal, tones of goldenrod, a range of caramel tints, lime to forest green, yellow and purple. Pretty in pink, black and blue, black on black. Classic and not. Sheer white and black leather. Solids, prints, stripes, and breezy color.




Uptown Winter

Scene: Texture, suede, and very tall boots. Grey flatters, black, and white too. Black on black. Color blocking, patterns, and stripes. Quilted coats and fur. Classics and out of bounds. Pink and blue. Tones of browns, military greens, and pops of color. Rich maroon, deep red, and touches of brights. Slim, leggings, and tights. Warm volume. Hats, caps, bags, and kicks.





Matter In Movement

Scene: Rodrigo and Gigi Salomon at their Salomon Art Gallery. The recent opening of “Matter In Motion” was the launch of a series of four events orchestrated by Debbie Dickinson, international supermodel and actress, who now is a marketing and public relations professional. The show featured photographer Mitchel Gray’s “Bodies in Action”, and painter Evan Sebastian Lagache’s Abstract Expressionist Paintings. The hosts and curators of the show were Rodrigo Salomon and Debbie Dickinson. They set the scene in motion for movement. Two different artists from two different mediums, and two different generations came together, walls to walls. The contrast was apparent, and the similarity was the energy that each artist manifested in their art.

Mitchel Gray and Debbie Dickinson worked together on ads, editorial and personal projects earlier in their careers. I too, work with both of them during my Bloomingdale’s years as art director and graphic designer.

Scene: Photographer Mitchel Gray with his wife Katie.

Scene: Painter Evan Sebastian Lagache with his most recent works, Neptune and Ocean.

Scene: Evan Sebastian Lagache, Andrew Mccoy from Blick Art Materials one of the sponsors for the event, Mitchel Gray, and Debbie Dickinson.

Scene: Zinnia Park and Seolbin Park.

Scene: Kendal Khanna.

Scene: Rafael Van Steepen.

Scene: Kristi Nickerson and Rixa Kleymann.

Scene: Evelin Bello.

Scene: Michael Lee.

Scene: Pamela Healey and Nina Yankonitz.

Scene: Anthony Gerard, Debbie Dickinson, and Carl Kelsch.

Scene: Mitchel Gray and Gabrielle Meyrowitz.

Scene: Megan Lee Farrell and Isaac Kashanian.

Scene: Gigi Salomon and Paul Robinson.

Scene: Will, Chazz, and Miles Menendez.

Scene: Patricia Bonis and Mitchell Adelstein.

Scene: Debbie Dickinson and Kurt McVey (Pegasus J. Fitzgerald IV).

Scene: Katie Gray and Nick Daddazio.

Scene: Mari O’Connor and Ken Williams.

Scene: Rodrigo Salomon, Debbie Dickinson, and Sebastian Piras.

Scene: Kelby Brown, dancer, with his photo by Mitchell Gray.

Scene: Guests reviewing the art and in conversation.

Scene: Jose Obando.

Scene: Evan Sebastian Lagache and Delfina Roybal.

Scene: Jennifer Hu, Alex Bandy, and Craig L. Davidowitz.

Scene: Reed Baylis and Juan Lucas Pediernas.

Scene: Angel Orensanz.

Scene: Sandra Ospina and Jose Maria Garcia. It was a pleasure meeting and photographing several artists from the original 70’s Tribeca art scene.

Scene: Bernd Aber.

Scene: Gigi Salomon and David Glackin.

Scene: Terri Gold and Joanne Roberts.

Scene: Lothar Troller, Barbara Fusilli, and Mitchel Gray.

Scene: Guests in conversation.

Scene: Evan Sebastian Lagache with his mother, Debbie Dickinson.

Scene: Zinnia Park and Seolbin Park waving from the elevator as they leave Salomon Art Gallery. A portion of the proceeds benefit Children’s Museum of the Arts’ from “The Have a Heart for Art at Matter in Movement Exhibition”.




Downtown Winter

Scene: Shades of browns, greens, and blues. Always a mix of black, white, and grey. Touches of primary colors, pink, magenta mauve, and orange. Vintage pieces mixed with new. Tartan, plaid, and leopard print too. Conventional and fresh assymetical patterns. Updated camo, and florals. Faux fur, sherling, and fur. Extra long sleeves, puff jackets, and black leather. Hoods and hoodies.