Scene: Behind the scenes and to the runway with HIM Autumn/Winter Collection “Evening Ceremony: Rituals of Love & Devotion” Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week. Designer Pablo Leon founded the label in 2018. As stated on the CFDA website — Pablo Leon, feeling a need to express his queer and brown identity in a climate focused on its erasure. HIM NYC characterizes the disruption of classic tailoring techniques, ideals of masculinity, machismo, and gender constructs, creating an aesthetic that is romantically minimal and eclectic.
Mexico born, California raised, Leon studied fashion design for just a couple years before dropping out and working for LA based designer Cynthia Vincent. He moved to New York for an opportunity with Phillip Lim, and later Carlos Campos.
Above photo, Donovan Santos, model with Next, in the process and getting his hair styled and dressing. Talent for the show: hair by Oribe team, lead hairstylist Mandee Tauber; makeup by Makeup Pro New York, lead makeup artist Chika. Stylist P. León and Alvaro Romero; casting Brent Chua. Shoes throughout Dr. Martens.

Scene: Mood board. The ethereal presentation, some might consider this collection to be gender-fluid. Gender-fluid fashion is about embracing non-binary clothing, styles, and brands without social norms or constraints on fashion. The presentation included the ballet soloist, Jovani Furlan, in the middle and a crescent of male models performing. The atmosphere was accompanied with angelic music, a simple set, and the warm glow of candle light. Laced with a romantic theme, the garments have Catholic references with crosses, rosaries, and inspiration from liturgical vestments like the alb (latin albus, meaning white), an ample white garment which is usually belted with rope. Simply the long, white linen tunic used by the ancient Romans.

Scene: Charlie Calmari, model and personal trainer, in the process of getting ready.

Scene: Keen, model with EMG Models, and Pablo Leon, HIM designer, fine turning the sleeve details.

Scene: Pablo Leon finessing the collar on Keen.

Scene: Ryu Aguilar, model with Next, and Mandee Tauber, lead hairstylist for Oribe.

Scene: Oribe hairstylist and Charlie Calmari.

Scene: Ezekiel Luna, model with Bri’geid Agency, and Mandee Tauber, lead hairstylist for Oribe.

Scene: Ezekiel Luna getting dressed for the show.

Scene: Donovan Santos, model with Next, and Pablo Leon, HIM designer, adjusting the rosary.

Scene: Finn Doering, model with Click and student at Parsons, under the dryer.

Scene: Wavey flowing hair, pearl earring, and “are you in love?” inscription. Finn Doering ready to go.

Scene: Mike, model, wears a collarless quilted piped jacket.

Scene: Mike wearing a pair of drop crotch pants with collarless quilted piped jacket.

Scene: Full length fashion view.

Scene: Close up view.

Scene: Ryu Aguilar, model with Next, getting his makeup done.

Scene: Keem, model with EMG Models.

Scene: The wrap of eyelet trim around the wrist, which flows down from one to the other and is also on the collar.

Scene: @h3ll_child, model with Next, Streetwear designer @bleachnyc.com, and skateboarder.

Scene: Spotted.

Scene: Finn Doering, model with Click, wearing a long sleeve sheer blue shirt, pull over vest with extensions, and white satin cuffed trousers.

Scene: Detail view of sheer blue shirt and pull over vest.

Scene: Charlie Calmari, model and personal trainer, wearing Rehecho/Remade. The sleeve gloves and pants were created using up-cycled pieces found at Neighborhood Industries and Black Marketplace. The goal, to bring awareness to the importance of sustainability within the fashion industry. Old becomes new.
When I was a professor at Marist College, Fashion Design Department, in my Creative Process course this concept of up-cyling, reinventing, and repurposing clothing and accessororis was explored with my students.

Scene: Charlie Calmari wearing necklace of pearls with pendant and chain with Crucifix.

Scene: Ezekiel Luna, model with Bri’geid Agency.

Scene: Evening Ceremony: Rituals of Love & Devotion. The collection with Jovani Furlan, ballet soloist, performing in the middle of a crescent of male models while they individually walked the path to front center.

Scene: Mike, model, who is walking is wearing the convertible anorak cape, white satin cuffed trousers, and royal velvet mock neck shirt.

Scene: Jovani Furlan is a soloist with New York City Ballet. Born in Joinville, Brazil. He started dancing the age of 11 at The Bolshoi Theater School in Brazil. In 2010 he participated in the International Ballet Competition in Jackson, Mississippi, and was offered a full scholarship to attend the Miami City Ballet School and joined the Miami City Ballet in 2012. He was promoted to soloist in 2015 and was named a MCB principle dancer in 2017. His repertory of feature roles included George Balanchine’s Allegro Brilliante, Ballet Imperial, Jewels, A midsummer Night’s Dream and several others. He has also performed works by Richard Alston, Paul Taylor, Twyla Tharp, and many others.

Scene: Donovan Santos, model with Next. “In the church at night” Him

Scene: Patent leather and sock garters.

Scene: Donovan Santos wearing open weave mesh shirt, shimmering taupe shirt, and navy blue coat.

Scene: Amir Irl, model, wearing double breasted suit and royal velvet mock neck shirt.

Scene: Ryu Aguilar, model with Next.

Scene: Jeremiah Torres, model with Next, with pearl buttons.

Scene: Black floor length coat with sash belt.

Scene: Viktor Alexis, model at EMG Models and mathematician at Refinery29 and Vice. “An angle in black” Him

Scene: Jovani Furlan, light, graceful, fluid movements.

Scene: Ezekiel Luna, model with Bri’geid Agency. “Hope Is Mine” Him

Scene: Ezekiel Luna walks the crescent…

Scene: And back to his position…

Scene: As Jovani Furlan performs.

Scene: Pablo Leon, HIM designer, with talent at the finale.

Scene: The white cape flows as the other white garment leaps. Motion. The angelic music lifts and soothes, poetic words mixed in, high and low notes, as it brings you away… the candles burn.

Scene: The custom handmade collar. Unveiled.
“Thoughts of love going through my head today” Him

A special thank you to Helen Oppenheim, US  Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine, archivist, blogger, and hair guru, for asking me to collaborate during Fashion Week.




NYFW Guests

Scene: Another New York Fashion Week came and went. Now it’s time to catch up on some highlights viewed off the runway. I’m always excited to see what people wear to the shows and enjoy documenting their personal style. These showgoers were back stage, on the street, coming and going. An eclectic mix of style and fashion moments. Above photo, Eric, wearing black, white, and blue houndstooth plaid coat, yellow cotton knitted turtleneck, slim black pants, Doc Martens luana leather combat boots, and horn rim glasses. Photographed at the Timo Weiland Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.
This post is the first in a series of NYFW.

Scene: Odda Ulya Aliquliva, wearing a Max Mara coat, Fendi scarf and bag, Zara pants and shoes, her Dad’s shirt, and heirloom vintage sunglasses. Photographed at the Todd Hessert Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Guest, photographed at Global Fashion Collective before the WMTM by NiuNiu Chou, WooLeeX, and Lavec runway shows.

Scene: Guest, with wide sweeping eyeliner wings, and red lips.

Scene: Sam Araujo, wearing Daniel Leatherman Fourier coat and hat, vintage pants, Dolce and Gabbana neckerchief, Jacquemus’ mini bag, and Ferragamo belt.

Scene: Sam Araujo. Photographed at the Him Nyc presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Aidan Morris, wearing a Willy Chavarria “conscious” jacket, All Saints beanie hat, a Guilty necklace, earrings and tattoos on his face, neck, and everywhere else, one with the year 1994, his birth year. He is a model who had earlier been in the Artistix, by Greg Polisseni, Winter 2020 fashion show presented by Andy Hilfiger. Represented by Red Model Management. You’ll see him again in my continuing NYFW series.

Scene: Anthony Floria, wearing faux leopard coat with sailor buttons, Cult of Individuality pants, rings on eight fingers, and Doc Martens jadon boots. He said “I just got my first tattoo which reads Nonna.” Photographed at the Artistix, by Greg Polisseni, Winter 2020 fashion show presented by Andy Hilfiger.

Scene: Guest, wearing maroon and red faux fur coat, light blue with pink horizontal lined shirt, satin maroon neckerchief, plaid pants, and wingtip boots.

Scene: Guest, photographed at the Carter Young Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Guest, wearing wool dark grey coat, black turtleneck, silver and gold necklaces, wide legged cropped taupe grey pants, gold studded black belt, and black lace up ankle boots. Photographed at the Official Rebrand Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Kimberly Quangun, wearing a Mander dress, scarf and jewelry from Thailand. Photographed at the Apotts Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Guest, in winter white and pink. Photographed at the Apotts Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Fiona Okadat, in pink, taupe, black, and denim with rainbow hair strands. Photographed at the Apotts Presentation at the New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Natalia Burtnyk, wearing a Scotch and Soda suit, Club Monaco turtleneck, Gucci bag, and Zara shoes. Photographed at the Carter Young Presentation at the New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Sebastian and Rose Marie. Sebastian is wearing a vintage cape and leather jacket, Levi 511 slim jeans, and Paul Smith Italian zipper boot. Rose Marie is wearing all items from Trash and Vaudeville. Photographed at the Carter Young Presentation at the New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: David Hand, model, with EMG Models. “My favorite seasons are fall and winter whether we’re talking by the calendar or collections, because I can wear layers, coats, sweaters, and boots.” He asked me what my secret was for having such young looking skin after he asked my age.

Scene: Jordan O’Brien, wearing a Revran hat, J. Crew cotton turtleneck, vintage varsity jacket and neckerchief, and some of his grandmother’s jewelry. Photographed at the Timo Weiland Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Jason Peters, wearing clothing from the Nubi Collection, headband, necklace, and kicks. Photographed at the Artistix, by Greg Polisseni, Winter 2020 fashion show presented by Andy Hilfiger.

Scene: Guest, wearing long sleeveless cape, black round neck long sleeve tee, jeans, and over-the-knee boots. Photographed at the Apotts Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: William Taylor, wearing a Yohji Yamamoto coat, Italian neckerchief, vintage shirt, pants, belt, hat, and earrings. Photographed at the Official Rebrand Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Sean Do of Groupe, wearing a Seize sur Vingt shirt, and high hair backstage at the Timo Weiland Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Sean Do of Groupe, wearing Levi jeans with an Acne Studios bag.

Scene: Sean Do of Groupe. Groupe is a collective of emerging designers and industry experts using shared resources to revolutionize how fashion brands are built. Uniting design, production, distribution, retail, and marketing, Groupe offers the next generation of fashion greats the critical infrastructure they need to find their footing—and their following—in an industry notoriously indifferent to independent talent. “Online and at our Bowery boutique in downtown Manhattan, we connect our brands with a community of loyal patrons eager for direct access to tomorrow’s leading labels and the designers behind them.”

Scene: Sam Araujo, wearing a Daniel Leatherman Fourier fluorescent fur stole, Tom Ford short sleeve shirt, Calvin Klein turtle neck, Gucci pants, Ferragamo belt, and vintage sunglasses in neon brights. Photographed at New York Men’s during Fashion Week.

Scene: Michael Smith, wearing a Helmut Lang coat, vintage Versace pants, Opening Ceremony shirt, chain from Home Depot which he turned into a necklace, and Adidas sneakers. Photographed at the Official Rebrand Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Ryan Wilba, wearing vintage 80s white shirt, a Christian Dior sweater which he cut up, Levi jeans which he burnt to create the holes, earring on his right ear, and Maison Margiela’s signature tabi boot. Photographed at the Official Rebrand Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Rudyard W. Ceres, lawyer, wearing Charles Tyrwhitt coat, pinstriped blue suit by his client Alistair Ascot, Charles Tyrwhitt shirt, Bailey hat, Santana District Quarter brogue shoes, scarf from 21 Tara, and Coach metropolitan slim briefcase.

Scene: Travis Harrison, wearing an Asos fur coat, Burberry turtleneck and pants, YSL bag, and Marni chelsea boots. Photographed at Him Nyc presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: River, wearing a Gucci jacket, pants, shirt, and shoes. Photographed at the Mutt by David Hart Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: River, with fab hair styling wearing a Marco Bicegos Crucifx pendant on necklace.

Scene: River, with decorative nails. Photographed at the Mutt by David Hart Presentation at New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week.

Scene: Renauld White, actor and model. Photographed after the Blue Jacket fashion show at The Deck NYC, Pier19 Studios restaurant. In 1979, Renauld was the first African American to appear on the cover of GQ magazine and appeared in more than 20 issues, inspiring an entire generation of black men. He worked with European designers and was the first African American male model to work for many American fashion designers. As an actor, White has drawn critical acclaim for his regional theatre work. He is most notable for his role as Julius Caesar in Julius Caesar Set in Africa, written by William Shakespeare, adapted and directed by Rome Neal, and for his portrayal of Malcom X in When the Chickens come Home to Roost. Recently, he has been seen on the CBS daytime series, Guiding Light, and One Life to Live. 

Scene: Aria De Chicchis, so cute and stylish! Photographed at the Blue Jacket fashion show Pier19 Studios.
The Blue Jacket show brings the fashion, entertainment, sports, and media worlds together to raise awareness and funding for prostate cancer research. Top fashion designers reinvent the traditional Blue Jacket and actors, athletes, and other leaders in entertainment, arts, and business walk the runway wearing these one of a kind creations.

Scene: Gio, wearing Louise Vuitton coat and shirt, Chanel earrings and pendant on necklace, gold star on his cheek, gold lower teeth, blue wrap shades, and iPhone buds. Photographed outside Spring Studios.

Scene: Gio, wearing Louise Vuitton pants, key pouch and leather bear charm, and John Galliano sneakers.

Scene: Ally Mizusana, head designer for Lavec, in hat, gloves, scarf, and boots she created for Lavec. The coat is by Elisabetta Franchi. Photographed outside Spring Studios after leaving the Longchamp show.

Scene: Natasha Shangari, wearing vintage fur jacket and sweater, Lee jeans, and Beacon Closet bag. Photographed outside Spring Studios.

Scene & Heard: Stella Santana, vocalist and songwriter whose R&B style is informed by hip-hop and house. She has created music that shines on female empowerment and self-reliance. Getting her gritty and raw sound from New York City itself, her music has a unique flare. Stella has strong musical roots. Her parents are guitarist Carlos Santana and author Deborah King. I saw Carlos Santana and his band, Santana, at Woodstock in 1969. The band’s performance at Woodstock introduced them to an international audience and garnered critical acclaim. Listen to Stella sing her song Yayaya. Photographed outside Spring Studios.

Scene: Joel Moore, wearing neutrals, an asystemetrical trench coat with one sleeve slit and the other without a sleeve and a sheer piped attachment belted, cable knit turtleneck with three patterns, white pants with side slit, cream beanie hat, big rimmed sunglasses, black WJ bag, and Doc Martens. Photographed outside Spring Studios.

Scene: Kate Smolianinova, wearing a Lack of Color hat, Kobi Halperin suit, H&M sweater, Hermes scarf, and Raye boots. Photographed at the Chiara Boni New York Fashion Week Show for Fall 2020.

Scene: Trad Sevin, wearing a vintage fur coat, Levi jeans, Doc Martens luana boots, and holding Burberry shades. Keenen Collins, wearing a vintage silk blue robe from Thrifted Oneline Store. Both are models who walked the Ka Wa Key runway during New York Men’s Day during Fashion Week. You’ll see them again in my continuing NYFW series.

Scene: Trad Sevin, wearing his Burberry shades.

Scene: Antyon Le Monte, film and theatre actor, dancer, model, recording artist, and muse who was in in the Book of Mormons. He is wearing a jacket that he designed and styled from his own personal collection of garments that were reconstructed. Most of the accessories; scarf, hat, necklaces, and cuffs are compliments of Brandon David Brown, and Jeffery Campbell boots. Photographed after the Blue Jacket fashion show at The Deck NYC, Pier19 Studios restaurant.

Scene: Guests going to the Wiederhoeft show at Spring Studios.

Scene: Tyler Mitchell, wearing all Top Shop with Urban Outfitter boots. Photographed outside Spring Studios after the R13 show during New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020.

Scene: Guest, wearing green feather jacket, eye catching sequin dress, metallic python print bag, and pink heels leaving Pier19 Studios after the shows.

A special thank you to Helen Oppenheim, US  Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine, archivist, blogger, and hair guru, for asking me to collaborate during Fashion Week.




At Studio 54 Night Magic

Scene: The preview opening event of the Studio 54 Night Magic Exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum curated and designed by Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator of Fashion and Material Culture. Above, Legendary Damon, Curator of Culture, viewing exhibit photographs. Feather coat by Adrienne Landau. Notice the iconic “Moon and Spoon” embroidery on the back of the blue jacket from Calvin Klein x Raf Simons collection. That’s Cameron Silver, Fashion Director, Halston Style.

The exhibit was a flashback to the shining memorable days of the glamour, the magic, the thrill, and the disco beat via photography, fashion, drawings, films, illustrations, artifacts, set designs, and music. I could feel the inspiration of Studio 54’s lighting and sets with the design of this exhibit. It’s organized chronologically, starting with popular New York nightclubs from the 1920s to the 1960s, including the Cotton Club and the Peppermint Lounge. The show features fashion designers including Giorgio di Sant’Angelo and Zandra Rhodes; illustrators including Richard Bernstein and Antonio Lopez; and photographers including Roxanne Lowit and Allan Tannenbaum. A stunning exhibit captures the essence of Studio 54. And an instant replay!

It was the Golden Age of going out and Studio 54 was the club in town. The seventies, like the Roaring Twenties, came right after a war, the Vietnam War in this case. And people were ready for cultural changes, in politics, music, fashion, lifestyle, and a new definition of a social society. It was a collective of New York societies. Diversity of all types of beautiful people in many ways, from all backgrounds. The legendary club’s heyday lasted 33 months which opened on April 1977. Revelers included Andy Warhol, Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Halston, Liza Minnelli, Truman Capote, and Yves Saint Laurent.

The exhibit was on the fifth floor and the party was on the ground floor. Both happened simultaneously. In this post I’m referring to the celebration as the after party.

“Studio 54 wasn’t just about disco—certainly not just about disco music. It was a moment of intense curiosity.” Anthony Haden-Guest.

Scene: Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator of Fashion and Material Culture. “Studio 54 has come to represent the visual height of disco-era America — glamorous people in glamorous fashions, surrounded by gleaming lights and glitter, dancing ‘The Hustle’ in an opera house” says YokoboskyStudio 54 was housed in the former Gallo Opera House and CBS soundstage on West 54th Street.

Scene: Zandra Rhodes, Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo, and Kenny Bonavitacola designs. The purple blouse was worn by Kevin, Studio 54 Legend. Backdrop photo by Dustin Pittman.

Scene: David Barton, Fitness Legend who founded David Barton Gym, Susanne Bartsch, Event Producer and Queen of New York Nightlife, and friend.

Scene: Gary Goldenstein and Allison Eden. Allison Eden Studios is one of the country’s leading glass tile suppliers for commercial and residential interior decor. She designs glass mosaic artwork which she channeled into the masks. The new accessory, masks.

Scene: Dustin Pittman, Photographer, taking a snap with cell phone of Legendary Damon, Curator of Culture.

Scene: Halston designs.

Scene: Ariel Krupnik and Richie Williamson. Aerographics (Richie Williamson and Dean Janoff), designed the  “Moon and Spoon” sculpture which hung upstage on the dance floor and descended from the ‘sky’ by surprise in a constantly changing environment of sets, lights, and disco beats. Richie is wearing the handmade medallion of the Moon and Spoon created for the exhibit by him and Myra Sheer, Moon and Spoon Company. A total of 18 items were created by them and are sold at the Brooklyn Museum Shop.
To the left is the dress that Pat Cleveland wore on the dance floor during Halston’s disco bash at Studio 54, 1977 which was photographed by Guy Marineau. This image is on a banner on the facade of The Brooklyn Museum.

Scene: Lovely silver hair guest wearing blues and blacks.

Scene: Nancy and Doug Fraser.

Scene: Marc Benecke and Myra Sheer, Co-hosts of The Marc and Myra Show on SirusXM Studio 54 Radio. Myra, former Executive Assistant to Studio 54 Co-owner Steve Rubell, and Marc, former Studio 54 Doorman.

Scene: Guests entering the exhibit.

Scene: CT Hedden, Model with BMG Models, Talent at Zand Wagon, and Host. What a wonder!

Scene: Walking through the galleries to the exhibit.

Scene: Norma Kamali designs, left back 1979 coat made from actual sleeping bags with woodland patterns, as well as a newer Sleeping Blanket Coat originally designed for André Leon Talley in silver lame. And  Zandra Rhodes designs.

Scene: Guests, on the right “I’m wearing Norma Kamali’s new deep v-neck black version of a pant suit that Bianca Jagger wore to Studio 54. The original was in white. I added the mock turtleneck.” He works with Kamali.

Scene: Allison Eden, Mosaic Glass Artist, and Elijah Vielma, Stylist.

Scene: Mary Anna Smith, Custom Milliner, The Tipsy Topper.

Scene: Alva Chinn, Model, Halstonette, and Yoga Teacher, with friend.

Scene: Myra Sheer, Co-host of The Marc and Myra Show on SirusXM Studio 54 Radio, with her goddaughter, Minka Kelly, Actress and Model. Her first starring role was in the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights and she has also appeared in other shows.

Scene: Dustin Pittman, Photographer, and friend standing in front of a video recreation of the dance floor and stage effects of Studio 54 by Richie Williamson.

Scene: Carmen D’Alessio, former Public Relations for Studio 54, is a public relations star in the nightclub industry who has promoted many nightclubs in the city, from Limelight, Tunnel, Cain, and Plumm.

Scene: Sequins, python, and gold.

Scene: CT Hedden, Model with BMG Models, Talent at Zand Wagon, and Host, wearing custom hair by Jeffrey Kelly Designs and Wig Chapel shoes; and Snoogy Brown, Studio 54 Legend.

Scene: Guests looking at Ron Galella photograph of Grace Jones performance at Studio 54, New Year’s Eve 1977-78.

Scene: Black, grey, blue, silver, necklaces, and brooches with Halston designs in the background.

Scene: Guests waiting for the elevator to go to the exhibit.

Scene: Interview Magazine cover art and photographic references. Richard Bernstein, Artist, was the cover artist for nearly 20 years.

Scene: Vanna Duex.

Scene: Moving through the exhibit.

Scene: In between exhibits.

Scene: Beth King DeVito and me. Behind the velvet rope are a handful of Beth’s, my wife, and my archives. She wore her Maud Frizon’s spectator pumps to Studio 54 a few times. One night she wore one blue and one red, it was a hit that night and the following days. And my Bloomingdale’s Studio 54 Jeans and Thierry Mugler ads.

Scene: Marc Benecke, Joshie Jo Armstead, and Myra Sheer whose Studio 54 Jeans are in the exhibit.

Scene: Rose Hartman’s photograph of Bianca Jagger, May 1977. Fashion designer Halston threw her 30th birthday party at Studio 54. At the time Bianca was married to Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. Jagger and Halston were both close friends and fixtures of Studio 54, with the designer often dressing her in his iconic pieces that were the epitome of pared down glamour. Bianca, who was wearing Manolo Blahnik heels and a Halston gown, was led around the night club on horseback by a nude male covered in glitter. This image might be one of the most memorable shots ever taken at the club. © Rose Hartman

Scene & Heard: You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) Sylvester, 1978.

Scene: Dustin Pittman’s photograph “Stroke of Midnight at Studio 54, 1978–79” which was captured at the New Year’s Eve party at the nightclub. Beth and I were there! ©Dustin Pittman

Scene: The After Party. Golden Girl on stilts sashaying on the dance floor.

Scene: Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator of Fashion and Material Culture.

Scene: Rose Hartman, Photographer, and friend.

Scene: TK Wonder in sliver and white in front of a gold streamer circular column. Some guests would enter them and have private mini moments with cocktails and conversations.

Scene: Robert Fontanelli with candy cigarette. He is an Art Director, Creative Director, Artist, and Collector. He bought the roller disco shirt in 1980 and the record cover in 1981. His sneakers have working wheels that release from inside. “I was just being a ‘character’ that night.”

Scene: Fern Mallis, President of Fern Mallis LLC, and widely credited as the creator of “Fashion Week” in New York City under the auspices of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), where she served as Executive Director for 10 years, with her associate.

Scene: Joshie Jo Armstead, Soul Singer and Songwriter. She began her career singing backing vocals for blues musican Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland before becoming an Ikette in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue in the early 1960s. She also had some success as a solo singer, her biggest hit being A Stone Good Lover in 1968. As a songwriter, Armstead teamed up with Ashford & Simpson. The trio wrote hits for various artists, including Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin.

Scene: Dancer who was part of the entertainment group.

Scene: Legendary Damon, Curator of Culture.

Scene: Bartenders at the after party, with gloves. The new normal.

Scene: L.J. Kirby, former Studio 54 Bartender. His Studio 54 liquor license is in the exhibit.

Scene: Mikel Kilgour, Artist and Fashion Designer. “I had a showroom underneath Willi Smith’s showroom in the 80s and boutique ateliers in Short Hills and Beverly Hills.”

Scene: Golden Girl and Golden Guy dancing.

Scene: Guests enjoying the moment.

Scene: Jean of Idiosyncratic Fashionista, half of the dynamic duo. Valerie is the other half.

Scene: Robert Fontanelli in conversation with friends. Here you can see his sneakers with working wheels that release from inside.

Scene: Guest gazing over her shoulder.

Scene: Antyon LeMonte with a great smile.

Scene: Prints and texture.

Scene: Purple, greens, and shimmer.

Scene: Nikki Kynard, DJ.

Scene: Elijah Vielma, Stylist, wearing a Versace silk jacket.

Scene and Heard: Beth King DeVito and moi. Beth is wearing a Theory suit, MSGM Milano blouse with mini rhinestones around the neck line, and Ted Muehling earrings. I wore the scarf and the Pan Am belt to Studio 54 during its 33 months of existence. The belt, originally a seat belt on the plane, was purchased at Fiorucci’s, the day time Studio 54, which was right around the corner from Bloomingdale’s when I was fashion art director there. Hat from Barneys by Rod Keenan New York, Tom Ford shirt and pants, BDG jacket, and necklace created by Beth. So let’s dance, the Last Dance!

Scene: Leaving the event and looking back at the facade of the Brooklyn Museum. Second banner, Guy Marineau’s photograph of Pat Cleveland on the dance floor during Halston’s disco bash at Studio 54, 1977.

Scene: Farewell, Night Magic.

This was probably the last event for awhile.
I hope you and your loved ones are safe during these uncertain times. Stay safe and be well. Hold on to your magic. Sending love to all.




Studio 54 Night Magic

Scene: The Brooklyn Museum Exhibit, curated and designed by Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator of Fashion and Material Culture. Opening on March 13 through July 5, 2020. Behind the velvet rope will showcase a handful of Beth’s, my wife, and my archives.
The Bloomingdale’s ad, Illustrator Antonio Lopez, Art Direction Fred J. DeVito, was originally for Sting-like-a Butterfly’s satin shorts and jeans sold in the Saturday’s Generation boutique at the store. Antonio’s illustration captures the fervor and magic of dancing in the silver mylar streamers that descended by surprise in a constantly changing environment of sets, lights, and disco beats.
Special thanks to the Co-hosts of SirusXM Studio 54 Radio, The Marc and Myra Show, Myra Sheer, former Executive Assistant to Studio 54 Co-owner Steve Rubell, and Marc Benecke, former Studio 54 Doorman.




Happy Valentine

Scene: Red, a very emotionally intense color. Red is the color at the end of the visible spectrum of light and is a primary color. Red has many meanings, but today it’s about love and joy. In many Asian countries it is the color symbolizing happiness and good fortune. Model Briana Browne and her boyfriend, DJ Lefty, wearing a Malan Breton gown at a Black Tie Benefit Event at Hudson Yards. Art Curation and Production, Debbie Dickinson, E.D. Enterprises, Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, Marcello Costa Team, Stylist for E.D. Enterprises, Juan Carlos. xox