Disco Skate

Scene: Roller Disco! Vibrant energy filled the venue at the Third Annual Catskills Roller Disco by Wolf + Lamb‘s Zev Eisenberg which was held at Skate Time 209. Organized and sponsored by J.T. McKay and Sean B. Nutley of bluecashew Kitchen Homestead in Kingston. Other sponsors: Hudson Modern, Rustic Pines, and StockadeFaire.
A throwback sensation of Roxy the popular nightclub in New York City. It was a roller skating rink and roller disco (discothèque) which began in 1978. I was a wonder roller back then. After arriving home from Studio 54 on several occasions I would put my skates on and roller skate on the city streets in the wee hours of the night. Down Fifth Avenue and up Park Avenue. I was rusty this time around! Above photo Laura Lee and Cheshona Hart.

Scene: Sean B. Nutley of bluecashew Kitchen Homestead and Lara Russo.
Summer came and everyone was ready to groove. They came to one of the first major events post lockdown from Boston, Brooklyn, Manhattan, San Francisco… to meet the beat. Rockin’ and rollin’. Skaters and revelers swayed to the rhythm. Everyone was ready to party and disco-ed at this zestful Saturday night shindig. Personal style was scene on the roller runway with athletic accents, trippy chic, flash glam, and retro vibes.

Scene: Harry Martin, Rollerwave founder, Rollerwave DJ Anna Collecta, and Zev Eisenberg of Wolf + Lamb.
Classic disco skate tracks and old school house jams from Eli of Soul Clap, DJ Anna Collecta and NYC’s Rollerwave crew, A-Rock the Islamic Shock Jock, and Mister Rogers own DJ Shnay spinned tunes from the disco era to the present.

Scene: Sam Shapiro, Andre, and Jesse Ma.

Scene: Snapping a shot. Photo Beth King DeVito.

Scene: Ladan Amin and Brianne Dowd.

Scene: Elvira, Kevin Muth, and Mona.

Scene: Beth, Phillip, and Leond.

Scene: Rachel Chayon.

Scene: Vagabond.

Scene: DJ Shnay.

Scene: Brianne Dowd.

Scene: Jesse Ma.

Scene: Fantasea from Haus of Peculiar.

Scene: Sam Shapiro.

Scene: Sean B. Nutley, bluecashew Kitchen Homestead, with camera and notes in hand.

Scene: Ladan Amin, Christina Osburn, and Janet Hicks.

Scene: Lara and Thomas Russo.

Scene: Maria Philippis, hair and makeup by James Aguiar.

Scene: An amazing wonder roller. And here’s a short video of the skaters from the event.

Scene: Zev Eisenberg of Wolf + Lamb.

Scene: Christina Osburn.

Scene: Kevin Muth and Johanna Dun-Jones.

Scene: DJ Shnay, Rachael Hayley, Nathan, and Joshua Kriystal.

Scene: Sam Falvoni and his dog Uma.

Scene: Janet Hicks and Carla Ullman.

Scene: Victoria Precise.

Scene: Brianne Dowd, Barbie-Amber Guesa, and Ladan Amin.

Scene: Kyle Meyers.

Scene: Sean B. Nutley of bluecashew Kitchen Homestead, Lara Russo, Zev Eisenberg of Wolf + Lamb, and Thomas Russo.

Scene: Cheshona Hart.

Scene: Adam and Kat.

Scene: Nathan and Jake.

Scene: Arianna White and Damian Fitzpatrick.

Scene: Laura Lee.

Scene: Daniel.

Scene: Tania from Spain and George W. Hightower from Boston.

Scene: Elvira.

Scene: Mona.

Scene: Matthew Fass.

Scene: Ana and Dan.

Scene: Kassandra Meadows. Aka Mimic, her roller derby name.

Scene: Harry Martin, Rollerwave founder, and friend.

Scene: DJ Shnay.

Scene: Janet Hicks.

Scene: Mae.

Scene: Barbie-Amber Guesa.

Scene: Guest, Cheshona Hart, Laura Lee, and guest.

Scene: Beth King DeVito and yours truly. Beth is wearing a wig with unmatched 50’s vintage earrings, spangle jacket from Screaming Mimi’s, black tank and pants with Adidas Superstar. I’m wearing BDG jacket, necklace created by Beth, shirt and pants from Screaming Mimi’s with my 90’s shoes from the original Barneys in Chelsea.
Thanks Annie and Anja from Screaming Mimis NYC for helping us with your vast vintage collection. And Laura, the owner too! Photo Bill Patrick with my camera.

Scene & Heard: George W. Hightower. And here’s the newly orchestrated I Want Your Love by Chic singing to an updated beat! Video Re-Edit 2013. First release was January 29, 1979.

Special thanks to Zev Eisenberg of Wolf + Lamb and J.T. McKay and Sean B. Nutley of bluecashew Kitchen Homestead in Kingston for organizing such an awesome event!





Scene: Early Spring to early Summer. Another change, from cool to warm. Summer just arrived and Spring just left. Oh, transition how I love you so. A new beginning to sow and to be so part of. Warming treads weather or not. Coats off, jackets on, wools away, and linens out. A lighter feel, a lighter mood, a lighter touch. But it’s not always as warm as we wish. So, layering is still a hitch.

Scene: Ovila Leman, at the Upper West Side Pottery Barn on Broadway, setting up her art for her gallery presentation. “I am one half of Mut’Sun (moot-son) which is a signature name to describe the tag team efforts in painting collectively with my nine year old son, Cleson.  He came up with our signature. In the Ancient Egyption language of Kemetric Medu Neter, “Mut”  is mother and “Sun”  is son. What sets apart Mut’Sun from other artist besides the obvious, mother son partnership, is color. Coming from 20 plus years in the fashion industry I am not afraid of to use color. The way I see color is different than most.”




Studio 54 Radio

Scene: Studio 54 Radio. On my anniversary at Studio 54 Radio, Sirius XM holding a Studio 54 Jeans ad I did when I was fashion art director at Bloomingdales after my interview with the co-hosts of the Marc and Myra Show. Myra Scheer, former Executive Assistant to Studio 54 co-owner Steve Rubell, and Marc Benecke former Studio 54 Doorman.

A few days later I heard from Myra saying she would like to introduce me to Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator of Fashion and Material Culture, at the Brooklyn Museum because they were having an exhibition “Studio 54 Night Magic”. We spoke and Matthew was interested in this ad and my Thierry Mugler ad. And two pairs of Maud Frizon spectator pumps of my wife’s, Beth. She wore her Maud Frizon’s to Studio 54 a few times. One night she wore one red/white and one blue/white, it was a hit that night and in the press the following days.

Lower right, another ad I did revising the headline for a post to reflect the acceptance of our archives and to promote the exhibit  “My Bloomingdale’s Days and Our Studio 54 Nights”. Thank you, Myra, Marc, and Matthew! xox

Studio 54 Jeans ad photographer and airbrush effects by Richie Williamson. String-like-a Butterfly’s satin shorts and jeans ad illustrated by Antonio Lopez. Photo Bernadette Beauvais.




Halston Night

Scene: Halston campaign, one of four ads, this one was for his Night fragrance that ran in The New York Times in the early 80’s when I was fashion art director at Bloomingdale’s. Photographer Arthur Elgort, Models Joan Severance and Tony Spinelli both wearing Halston, Stylist Jill Glover (rip), Hair Stylist Lindy King (rip), Art Director Fred J. DeVito. A wonderful opportunity to speak with Halston before the shoot to review my concept. He loved it!




Cooler Days

Scene: Transition, from cold to cool. Spring just arrived and Winter just left. A Movement, passage, or change from one position to another. Warming up and cooling down. What’s the weather going to be today? I look at my cell to find the temperature. I look outside the window to see what people are wearing helping me to plan my day. From heavy wool to light cashmere, a mohair scarf to a silk one, from a hat to none. Let’s see what Spring brings.