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Downtown Winter

Scene: Shades of browns, greens, and blues. Always a mix of black, white, and grey. Touches of primary colors, pink, magenta mauve, and orange. Vintage pieces mixed with new. Tartan, plaid, and leopard print too. Conventional and fresh assymetical patterns. Updated camo, and florals. Faux fur, sherling, and fur. Extra long sleeves, puff jackets, and black leather. Hoods and hoodies.     […]

Summer Walk

Scene: “All through my city, it’s in the air” — summer cool in bloom with micro-print florals, spicy colors, plaids, solids, and prints, pinstripes, pajamas, black, white, and brights, kicks, earth shoes, sandals, boots, and hatitude! Scene and Heard: “Sunshine in my pocket” Justin Timberlake’s Can’t stop the feeling.       

Winter Watched

Scene: Winter cool. This winter was the warmest on record. Red punctuations and purple too, quilted diamonds, blacks and greys, white and camel, stripes and asymmetrical patterns, fatigue greens and browns, new plaids, hats, hoods, and realness. Meanwhile, at the cusp of Spring, nature marches on with blossoms and sprouts as migrating birds fly in […]

Warm Hearted

Scene and heard: Young couple, young love, Valentine’s Day. Groove Is In The Heart  by Deee – Lite, 1990.      

Autumn Thanks

Scene: Orange, yellow, burgundy, tones of green, brown, and blue in everyday wear reflecting the Fall foliage, and bluer than blue skies of the season. This time of year days start to get shorter and cooler. The spirit of this holiday weekend is giving thanks. Scene and Heard: Magnet by Disclosure featuring Lorde live on Saturday Night Life.     […]