New York, Friday

Scene: The boot. High school kids hanging out after school near, Columbus Circle.

Scene: Waiting for the walk signal at 62nd and Lexington Avenue.
The cardigan sweater seems to be a hit these days.

Scene: Slim stride on Park Avenue.

Scene: Walking west on East 56th, suit with casual shoes and
a handsome bag.

Scene: Checking the cell, nice striped socks with lime-green soles.

Scene: Strolling down Fifth Avenue on a beautiful spring day.

Scene: iPod tuning-in; patterned dresses on right.

Scene: White and light eyelet, West 57th.

Scene: Talking after school at the Time Warner Building.

 Scene: The boot, cool hair and pattern shirt.

Scene: An afternoon stroll near, Columbus Circle.

Scene: Biking home from work near, West 60th.

Scene: The ladies strolling down Madison Avenue, going to lunch.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!