Pop-up Shop & Loose Boards

Scene: Walking through Bryant Park, on the way to Pop/Boards — Opening of Shinya Hasegawa’s surf lifestyle brand Battan Sportswear pop-up shop, and Ben Estes’ collection of poems in his new show Loose Boards, displayed on the walls at Nepenthes, New York.

Scene: Guest speaking with Abdul, Nepenthes, New York Manager.

Scene: Checking it out.

Scene: Arito and Yozo, owner, of Stock. New York.

Scene: Conversation and cheer. Catherine and friend, Paul and Greg.

Scene: Graphic black and white, Nautical pattern, and Native American inspired shirt, with a little hatitude.

Scene: Gene, denim and menswear designer, trend spotting as he scopes the place.

Scene: Simona and Parker.

Scene: Scott, wearing a vintage Noragi jacket. Japanese farmers wore these while working in the field — indigo was the primary textile color. He had his altered to have full length sleeves, as they generally come shorter. The vintage shirt, perfectly cut Chambray made in Japan, from Ladies and Gentlemen. The sneakers, basic beat up Jack Purcells, by Converse. Pants from Uniqlo, sporting a shorter length. Scott said “I just like having fun with what I wear and like finding almost a sense of humor in it, it shouldn’t be something taken so seriously.”

Scene: Akiko, right, owner of Nepenthes, New York, and her assistant Mari. A poem by Ben Estes, top left.

Scene: Coco, Akiko’s daughter joins in. And, everyone else wants to get into the picture too! A good-looking group.


Scene: A-live. He and his buds, Soupa and producer Renaissance are Green Street. Listen to their song Runaway,  featuring Sunny Jones, from their Endless Summer album. In the video, A-Live wears the Comme Des Garcons heart tee.

Scene: Chris and Coco.

Scene: Mack leaves the event for the after party!

Scene: Catherine and friend at the after party!

Scene: The after party took place outside the store and on the street! It reminded me of the song Dancing in the Streetsfirst performed in 1964 by Martha and the Vandellas, one of Motown’s signature songs.

Scene: Mack, hair and there, and friends at the after party!
In 1971, Laura Nyro, songwriter, singer, and pianist, sang her version of Dancing in the Streets with LaBelle. Monkey Time is the intro song.