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Scene: Alex Gyunn, Zoe Shewer, Jared Jacobs, and Alyssa Puccinelli at Zoe’s going away party hosted by her parents. Family, friends, and colleagues gathered at The Leadbelly to say adieu to Zoe before she headed off to Denver to be a special education teacher with Teach for America. This organization’s mission is to ensure that kids growing up in poverty get an […]


Scene: Ultra Subjective Space. Pace Gallery hosted the opening reception of the first US exhibition of Japanese collaborative digital artists, teamLab, on West 25th Street. The two-venue exhibition at Pace is through August 15, 2014. These six works on digital monitors and projection installations are constantly in motion, kinetic art. For a preview of the works in motion click here. […]

Model Behavior

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Jon Girodes, at Nancy and Harry King’s reunion party at Café Un Deux Trois. Friends and associates from the fashion and beauty industries gathered with cheer! Models, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, fashion stylists, art directors, and more! Champagne, french fries, entrees, cocktails, and a lot of fun at one of my favorite […]

Winter Ways

Scene: Snow, winds, drifts, and chills. We had some cool and sunny days too. Nature keeps on driving it home — this is winter! Staying warm is a hot trend. Essential, too. Snow crystals come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and shapes. Like snow crystals, the people in this story are unique in style, color, and texture. A warming trend! […]

Summer Days: one

Scene: Summer is still here! On September 22 at 10:49 am the seasons change in the northern hemisphere. Let’s not rustle summer away. Back to school. Summer breezes are still here. Sunny days. Ice cream cones. City heat and the beat. Summer, one of three, DownTown begins now… Scene: Suspenders. Black and white with a touch of grey […]