Lubin House

Scene: Syracuse University’s New York City home, Lubin House.
Designer Nicole Fattibene’s outfits, far left, right and center. Designer Maxi Roberts’ outfits, either side of center. VPA Senior Fashion Design Presentation.

Scene: Designs by Nicole Fattibene.

Scene: Design, Joshua Eder-Hart. Detail, left shoulder.

Scene: Designer Joshua Eder-Hart with his collection.

Scene: Lauren, Grace, Emily, and Peter — glowing.

Scene: Lauren, Emily, Talia, Nicole, Peter, Esther, Laura, Emelia, and Annie. Comfortable and confident in their personal style. Wish I had pictures of all the fashion designers!

Scene: Designer Emily Barnes. Detail, back leather strap. Next photo on
garment, far left.

Scene: Designer Emily Barnes’ lookbook. Black and grey organic forms, far left garment. Back detail strap and dress shapes reflect each other in different materials.

Scene: Hollis back stage, after a great evening.

Scene: Marney back stage taking a smile break, after her garments are set to go.

Scene: Grace back stage, in front of her collection.

Scene: Kieran and Maxi.

Scene: Shawn waiting for Emelia. Up dressing the Bermuda short scene at this event, and also scene during my street walks in the city. Paired with an oxford or cotton shirt; sport coat, cardigan sweater or vest (see Peter above in 4th photo), socks or none at all with bucks, desert boots or wingtips. As long as Bermuda length socks are avoided with the Bermuda short (unless you’re in Bermuda) it has great potential.

Scene: Kieran and Lauren, they’re a couple. I rode the subway downtown with them. They met at Syracuse like my wife, Beth, and I.

Scene: Designer Olivia Greig.

Scene: Behind the scenes making things look great! Too busy to stop for a photo, but I got him anyway. Jeffrey Mayer, Fashion Design Faculty and Stylist for event.

Scene: Todd Conover, Fashion Design Faculty, and Ann Clark, Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Scene: Brittany, Rebecca, and Marjade wearing empire dresses at the entrance of Lubin House.