Studio 54 Night Magic

Scene: The Brooklyn Museum Exhibit, curated and designed by Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator of Fashion and Material Culture. Opening on March 13 through July 5, 2020. Behind the velvet rope will showcase a handful of Beth’s, my wife, and my archives.
The Bloomingdale’s ad, Illustrator Antonio Lopez, Art Direction Fred J. DeVito, was originally for Sting-like-a Butterfly’s satin shorts and jeans sold in the Saturday’s Generation boutique at the store. Antonio’s illustration captures the fervor and magic of dancing in the silver mylar streamers that descended by surprise in a constantly changing environment of sets, lights, and disco beats.
Special thanks to the Co-hosts of SirusXM Studio 54 Radio, The Marc and Myra Show, Myra Sheer, former Executive Assistant to Studio 54 Co-owner Steve Rubell, and Marc Benecke, former Studio 54 Doorman.