DVF x Debbie Dickinson

Scene: Debbie Dickinson and John C. Meeks at the recent DVFxDD event. Diane von Furstenberg presented Debbie Dickinson Art Gallery exhibiting the Supermodel/Actress turned Curator and Gallerist with the first official exhibition of emerging and legendary artists. The venue was at the Diane von Furstenberg boutique in SoHo on Wooster. The artists on view were Debbie Dickinson, Evan Sebastian Lagache, Fernando Espinosa Chauvin, and Ron Ferri. Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2018 collection of clothing and accessories was showcased. The guests were served champaign and vegetarian sushi. The upbeat A-list gathering was filled with conversations and discussions of art and fashion. Juan Carlos Cedeno, Store Manager, and Diane’s amazing staff created a welcoming and elegant environment.

The Art Gallery exhibit debuted Ms. Dickinson’s nature art photography in metallic C-prints. Acrylic on canvas paintings by rising star artist Evan Sebastian Lagache. Fernando Espinosa Chauvin’s beautiful infra-red art photography from his tour of the Galapagos Islands. And the renowned watercolors and acrylics on aquarelle paper by six decade artist Ron Ferri.

Scene: Carlos Gerardo Izzo, Patricia Bonis Adelstein, and Mitchell Adelstein.

Scene: The DVF Team. Harrison Berrío, Store Manager Juan Carlos Cedeno, Hayley Slyter, Cindy Zhao, and Pedro Torres with Ron Ferri art.

Scene: Mike and Jeffrey, part of the DVF Team Olivia De Jesus and Nia Gonzalez with Fernando Espinosa Chauvin photographs, Ron Ferri art, and Debbie Dickinson art photograph.

Scene: Jonn Nubian and Louise Masano with Ron Ferri and Evan Sebastian Lagache artwork.

Scene: Paul Polydor and Julia Hilbert.

Scene: Laurie Schechter wearing her mother’s vintage Cacharel culottes, and Yeohlee vest. Ms. Dickinson’s first Paris showroom modeling assignment was with Jean Cacharel. Evan Sebastian Lagache art and DVF clothing/accessories.

Scene: Evan Sebastian Lagache’s Dislocation and DVF clothing.

Scene: Mitchell Adelstein, VP of Retail for Diane von Furstenberg Robert Sorce, and Debbie Dickinson wearing DVF Spring collection dress and InCharge necklace.

Scene: Evan Sebastian Lagache’s Dislocation, Cnidaria, Silent Sounds, Break Point, and DVF clothing/accessories. Guest in conversation Kito Huggins, Mitchell Adelstein, Rixa Kleymann, Laurie Schechter, Leizel Olegario, and Jonn Nubian.

Scene: Hayley Slyter wearing DVF Spring collection dress and Charlie Licht.

Scene: Matthew reading press release with Evan Sebastian Lagache’s Cnidaria and DVF clothing/accessories.

Scene: Haim Hassin, Debbie Dickinson, and Ian Shapolsky.

Scene: Debbie Dickinson’s Nourishing Fury and DVF accessories.

Scene: Jim Aman, Susan Needles, John C. Meeks, Denise and Phil Sievers, Carlos Gerardo and Tea Izzo with their child Antonio, with Fernando Espinosa Chauvin photographs and Ron Ferri art.

Scene: Fernando Espinosa Chauvin photographs, Fiddle Head, Scalesia, and Oduntid.

Scene: Daniel Perry and Yonah Abraham with Debbie Dickinson’s Hello at left.

Scene: Iman Jazmin wearing DVF Spring collection dress.

Scene: Patricia Bonis Adelstein viewing DVF Spring collection.

Scene: Nicolay Espitia and Juan Carlos Cedeno.

Scene: Pedro Torres, Valerie Perez, and Claudia Guevara.

Scene: Cindy Zhao wearing DVF Spring collection blouse, pants, and InCharge necklace with Tiffany Vreysen.

Scene: Diane von Furstenberg’s book, The Woman I Wanted to Be, reflects on her extraordinary life from childhood in Brussels to her days as a young, jet-set princess, to creating the dress that came to symbolize independence and power for an entire generation of women. DVF celebrates the International Women’s Day with #InCharge tee-shirts, beanies, and other items. 20% of proceeds benefit VV GROW, a global accelerator program for women entrepreneurs led by Vital Voices.

Scene: Louise Masano viewing Diane von Furstenberg’s book.

Scene: Debbie Dickinson, Carlos Gerardo and Tea with their child Antonio, and Juan Carlos Cedeno with Ron Ferri art.

Scene: Debbie Dickinson’s art photography, Nourishing Fury, Renewal, Supermodel Recovery, and Black Berry with DVF accessories.

Scene: Tyler Emmons, Emily Bress, and Renato Dicent.

Scene: Karen Gantz and Jim Aman with Ron Ferri art.

Scene: Angela Chambers and Juan Carlos Cedeno.

Scene: Dawn Siciliani and Robert Sorce.

Scene: Harrison Berrío admiring Ron Ferri’s Poppies from Palm Springs and San Tropez.

Scene: Dawn Gallagher wearing DVF Spring collection faux fur coat and Debbie Dickinson with Evan Sebastian Lagache’s acrylic on canvas painting Sexual Electricity.

Scene: Debbie Dickinson’s Hello with DVF accessories.

Scene: Andre and Matthew bid farewell to the guests.

Scene: Evan Sebastian Lagache’s Silent Sounds and DVF clothing.

Scene: DVF Spring 2018 collection.

Scene: John C. Meeks, Debbie Dickinson, and Jim Aman with Ron Ferri art.

Scene: Ron Ferri’s Floral Bouquet, 1964.
For inquiries on the artists and/or the artwork contact Debbie Dickinson at edentpr@gmail.com.
A portion of the proceeds are generously donated by the artists and DVF to support the Children’s Museum of the Arts, Youth Artist Kollective (YAK) program. This program enables vulnerable children though NYC to have free art education.