Fashion Reunion

Scene: Here they come! Geoffrey Saunders, and the hosts Nancy Donahue and Harry King. The festivities are about to begin! The legendary fashion reunion marking it’s eighth anniversary swings in. The stylish and talented guests mingled over cocktails and conversation. Movers and groovers, who have and continue to influence and shape fashion and style, danced, laughed, reminisced, and spoke about current projects. The talent at this party spans from the 1960’s to the present. What a great night! Awesome in fact — another fun evening by Nancy and Harry at  Parlor. Enjoy the night!

Scene: Jeffrey Fellner, watching the arrival of Geoffrey, Nancy, and Harry.

Scene: Hamid Bechiri, Nancy Donahue, and Harry King.

Scene: Hamid Bechiri with hat, Dan Brennon, and Carole Lawrence.

Scene: Steve Goss and Liz Lee who was Geoffrey Beene’s muse.

Scene: Barbara Tate, Sharon Middendorf , and L.J. Kirby.

Scene: Hugs and conversations.

Scene: Benjamin Pasteur, Johnny Rozsa, and Nancy Fraser.

Scene: Geoffrey Saunders looking at the photo he just took, Linda Mason, and Hamid Bechiri.

Scene: Sharon Middendorf and Edward Tricomi.

Scene: Susan Sakin and Ronnie Peters.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Jany Tomba.

Scene: Harry King, Sam Gold, and Dawn Gallagher.

Scene: Gretchen Lium, Rick Gillette, and Lucy Kaylin.

Scene: Gabriel Masson and Max Thomas.

Scene: Dustin Pittman, Hamid Bechiri, Yasmine Guenancia, and Oscar Reyen.

Scene: Jany Tomba and Benjamin Pasteur.

Scene: Stan Wan, Nancy Donahue, and Bruce Connors.

Scene: Catherine Roberts, Loris Diran, and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Nancy and Doug Fraser with Kat Harry.

Scene: Reed Lerner and Carmen D’Alessio.

Scene: George Eng, Hanna Watt, AC Betts, and Patrice Casanova.

Scene: Gerard Leddy, Bhavaja Kat, and Beverly Lee.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Tony Sanchez.

Scene: Daniel Perry and Janet Elisabeth Stanwood.

Scene: Linda Mason and Helen Oppenheim.

Scene: Guy Oppenheim, Helen Oppenheim’s husband.

Scene: Yasmine and George Guenancia.

Scene: Mitchel and Katie Gray.

Scene: Barry Weinbaum, Esma Korn, and Rick Gillette.

Scene: Luara and Jonas Koffler.

Scene: Asia Janina Dyrkaczs and Steven Maginnis.

Scene: Yasmine Guenancia and Nancy Donahue.

Scene: Into the night.

Scene: Daru Iahcu and Ezel Mustafa.

Scene: Devin Morris, George Eng, Brie Ryan, and Lily Morris.

Scene: John McAleenan and Sarah Donahue.

Scene: Barry Weinbaum and Harry King.

Scene: Kim Charlton and Stephen Meringoff.

Scene: Esma Korn and Adrienne Landau.

Scene: Tony Sanchez, Pam Geiger, and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Nancy Donahue with Joseph Bogess who styled her hair and makeup. Stunning!

Scene: Geoffrey Saunders with camera, Dustin Pittman, Johnny Rizsa, and Barbara Tate.

Scene: George Eng with his mother Nancy Donahue, and Harry King.

Scene: Pam Geiger, Beverly Lee, and Monta.

Scene: Bhavaja Kat, Bruce Connors, and Asia Janina Dyrkaczsand.

Scene: Catherine Roberts.

Scene: Steve Goss.

Scene: Dawn Gallagher and Sam Gold.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Kim Charlton.

Scene: Harry King and Nancy Donahue.

Scene: That’s me. Photo by Mitchell Grey with my camera without flash. Thank you, Nancy and Harry, for another memorable night!

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