Happy Halloween

Scene: A spooky, fun, and happy gathering at Paul and Christina’s place around the corner. A big fantasy fish with big fangs at the front door, inspired by the anglerfish. Paul O’Connor, former technical director and stage designer at Vassar College, is now Designer and Owner of his woodworking and design studio. He created this amazing fish out of water.
Scene: Paul O’Connor, fisherman for the night, and Christina Osburn, hosted this fun and light hearted gathering. Christina is an Art Teacher and Creator of Events, Artwork, and Spaces, and of course both are wonderful hosts.
Scene: The Martians, sometimes called “the Yip-Yips” debuted in 1972 on Sesame Street. They are interplanetary visitors, presumed to be from the planet Mars, who are terrified by things like clocks, telephones and computers. When frightened, they hide beneath their lower lips, which shoot up to cover their faces. Channeled by Christina Osburn and Rachel Chayon.
Scene: Tedd Prudhomme, Songwriter and Musican, enjoying. Listen to Tedd’s song The Whistle-Blower.
Scene: Hans Gissinger and Rachel Chayonis. Hans is a Swiss Commercial, Editorial, and Fine Art Photographer. And Rachel is Fashion Director and Producer of a Private Label for Uffizi Moda.
Scene: Out of the smoke…
Scene: Janet Wygal appears. Production Editor at Penguin Random House USA, and Songwriter and Musician at Wygalator along with Tedd Prudhomme and Matt Crane.
Scene: Jojo Ans, who opened her Shop Little House in Woodstock NY after years of traveling and working in the New York photography industry.
Scene: Christina Osburn with fishing pole distributing sweet treats while social distancing.
Scene: Stefan Saffer and Laurie De Chiara with their daughters Tessa and Paulita, and their dog Ruby. Laura is Co-Founder and Director and Stefan is Director of Interactions at ArtPod in the historic Cornell Steamboat Building in the Stand area, Kingston NY.  ArtPod is an internationally focused German nonprofit organization that promotes accessible, direct and unconventional interaction between contemporary art and a wide range of audiences.
Scene: Keeping warm and telling spooky stories. Center, Hans Gissinger, Paul O’Connor, John Murphy, Rachel Chayon, Rachel Gans, Christina Osburn, and Beth King DeVito.
Scene: Hans Gissinger, Paul O’Connor, John Murphy, Rachel Chayon checking out Paul’s work. Hans’ wife, Jenni Li, is the Founder and Creative Director of Intiearth, a shop that prides itself in showcasing and providing work to local artisans from her native country. She was born in Peru and raised in the United States.
Scene: Christina Osburn keeping the spooky stories going!
Scene: Neighbors John Murphy and Rachel Gans.
Scene: Bella, Paige and Kirk’s daughter.
Scene: Paige, a Teacher, Kirk former Lawyer, and Thomas.
Scene: Warming the spooky night.
Scene: In the giant fish, looking out and feeling like Jonah!
Scene: Yours truly. Happy Halloween. Have a Booootiful time!