Kingston New Year

Scene: Carmel Holt on New Years Eve at co-hosts René de Roneque and John McKinney’s colorful party at John’s home built in 1723 in uptown Kingston, New York. The authentic stone construction dates back to pre-Revolution days. It has withstood the Revolutionary War and the 1777 burning of Kingston. The warm interior defined by wide plank floors, murals, and antique trappings proved to be the event to welcome the new decade, 2020. Special thanks to Christina Osburn.

Scene: Co-hosts René de Roneque and John McKinney.

Scene: G. Riley Johndonnell and Jesse Kline.

Scene: Tommy with Christina Osburn wearing Italian Vogue new designer winner MRZ skirt, sweater vintage angora, tee Robblebucket, hat Zara, polka dot necklace Veleta Vancza, reflector pins by Christina, hair tie worn as bracelet from Winn, tights Party City, and shoes Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole.

Scene: Erika Gabrillo, Carla Ullman, and Jojo Ans.

Scene: Maureen with Lisa Padovani.

Scene: White, black, and a splash of red.

Scene: Pearls.

Scene: Striking a pose.

Scene: Patterns and gold shoes.

Scene: Maddy Feder, Christina Osburn, Neal Hollinger, and Jenni Feder.

Scene: Happy time.

Scene: Fennel all duded up.

Scene: Guest in faux tiger coat with Tricia Ann.

Scene: Jane Hollinger and Maureen in conversation.

Scene: Janet Wygal and Tedd Prudhomme.

Scene: Enjoying the moment.

Scene: Cocktails and treats.

Scene: Steve Parter, Carla Rozman, Guests, and Billiam van Roestenberg.

Scene: Carmel Holt bringing bubbly.

Scene: Stylish duo.

Scene: Enjoying the evening.

Scene: Neutrals and neon.

Scene: Beth King DeVito wearing Barneys New York overcoat, blouse Ann Taylor, pants Eileen Fisher, silk scarf Vangabonds Daughter all natural hand-dyed from madderroot, earrings Ted Muehling, silver bracelets by Beth, bag H&M, and shoes Costume National Luxe.

Scene: Observing the festivities.

Scene: John Murphy and Rachel Gans.

Scene: Fashion talk.

Scene: Matthew Sawicki tops the night.

Scene:  Erika Gabrillo, Jenni Feder, and Jesse Kline

Scene: Me, Matthew Sawicki, John McKinney, and René de Roneque taking the snap.

Scene: Maria Philippis and Tom Lafera.

Scene: René de Roneque, John McKinney, and Jesse Kline mixing the music.

Scene & Heard: The clock turns twelve and the mirror sphere spins and reflects. Listen to Satin Jackets featuring Panama Automatic!

Scene: Rachel Gans looking into the future.

Scene: Cheering in the New Year.

Scene: Carla Rozman and Darren O’Sullivan.

Scene: New Year smiles.

Scene: The soiree.

Scene: Sweet desserts.

Scene: Brad Beckerman.

Scene: Embracing for the camera.

Scene: Walking through the colorful metallic streamers.

Scene: Phillip Trinh and yours truly. Photo Beth King DeVito with my camera.

Scene: In the mix.

Scene: Rachael Chayon and Jojo Ans.

Scene: John McKinney with friend.

Scene: Phillip, Daniel, and Jonathan.

Scene: Fond farewells.

Scene: René de Roneque and John McKinney. Happy, Happy New Year!

Scene: The front of the 1723 house.
One door closed, 2019, and another door opened at the Dawn of a Decade, 2020.