Nancy and Harry’s Dance Party

Scene: Harry King and Nancy Donahue at their fun dance party at Slate in New York City. Everyone was excited to be at Harry and Nancy’s annual soirée again since the pandemic halted this event for a few years. It was the perfect Friday evening in April for a fashion reunion!
Guests included art directors, bloggers, family and friends, fashion designers, hair stylists, magazine editors, makeup artists, models, photographers, public relations, stylist, and notable others. People came from near and far, from Manhattan to Cannes.
The vibe was upbeat and happy as the DJ spinned dance music pumping up the mood. Guests mingled over cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and music. And everyone enjoyed a splendid time dancing the night away.

Scene: Keith Gog, Patti Hansen, and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Jany Tomba and James Bosco.

Scene: Nancy Donahue, Stan Wan, and Yasmine Guenancia.
Co-Host Nancy Donahue is an American Fashion Model, Mother, Entrepreneur, and Realtor. She first took the modeling world by storm in the late 70s after being discovered by Mademoiselle magazine. Over the next two decades, she rose to the top of her field, becoming one of the most successful fashion models of her time. She graced the covers and pages of countless American and European magazines. Nancy worked alongside some of the top international models including Carol Alt, Gia Caranza, Janice Dickinson, Kelly Emberg, Kim Alexis, and Esmé Marshal. I worked with all of them when I was Fashion Art Director at Bloomingdale’s. Nancy walked the runway for Calvin Klien, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen, and Perry Ellis. She worked with numerous renowned photographers including Irving Penn, Author Elgort, Denis Piel, and Patrick Demarchelier. She still models, represented by Iconic Focus. She is passionate about health and fitness and is a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates and Yoga Instructor. A superwoman!

Scene: Jeff Brackett and Harry King.
Co-Host Harry King is a Freelance Hairdresser, Photographer, Party Thrower, and Hairstyling Legend. Originally from London, when he first arrived in New York in 1973 he worked at Cinandre on 57th Street. Five months later Polly Mellon, Editor, snapped him up for Vogue. His hair styles have been featured on the covers and editorial pages of many magazines including CosmopolitanBazaar, InterviewAmerican VogueBritish and Italian VogueGrazia, and Stern. Harry has collaborated with renowned photographers including Richard Avedon, Arthur Elgort, Francesco Scavullo, and Irving Penn. His celebrity list includes Sophia Loren, Raquel Welch, Diana Ross, and Madonna. Models he has creatively reinvented hair styles for, for fashion and beauty shoots, include Patti Hansen, Iman, Cheryl Tiegs, Stephanie Seymour, Twiggy, Beverly Johnson, and of course Nancy Donahue. He has taken memorable photos on many of his shoots through out his career. Truly fashion history behind the scenes. A superguy!

Scene: Barry Weinbaum and Jean Stone.

Scene: Barbara Tate and Richard Warren.

Scene: Vivian Scalia Dash and Thom Fleming.

Scene: Nancy Donahue, Susan Sakin, and Harry King.

Scene: Loris Diran and Gypsy his pup in the bag, L.J. Kirby, and Casey Kavanagh.

Scene: Guest and Sylvie Ball.

Scene: Sandy Linter and Myra Scheer.

Scene: Dan Brennan and Helen S. Murray.

Scene: Margret Avery and I embrace. Photo Harry King.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Steven Maginnis.

Scene: Yasmine and George Guenancia.

Scene: James Bosco and Betsy Berry.

Scene: Susan Sakin, Nancy Donahue, and Laurie Lowe.

Scene: Jany Tomba and Benjamin Pasteur. And Margret Avery on the right.

Scene: Bill Westmoreland and Joy Bell.

Scene: Yasmine Guenancia and Dustin Pittman.

Scene: Salvatore J. Cesarani and Patti Hansen.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Martina Gates.

Scene: Jill Lynn and Harry King.

Scene: Julian Molesso and Leslie Mills.

Scene: Harry King, George Guenancia, Yasmine Guenancia, Susan Sakin, and Nancy Donahue

Scene: Tony Spinelli, Tony’s daughter Ari Spinell, Joey Hunter, and Vivian Scalia Dash.

Scene: Rashgene Gazi-White, Susan Devine, Duane Gazi-White, and Fredi Cooperman.

Scene: Harry King and Freddie Leiba.

Scene: Stan Wan and Joy Bell.

Scene: Nancy’s brother and sister-in-law Richard and Rosie Donahue with Nancy Donahue.

Scene: Coco Mitchell and Earl Davis.

Scene: Jay Grant, Yuliana Kim-Grant, and Shin Holgg.

Scene: Lynn and Klaus Lucka von Zelberschwecht.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and James Bosco.

Scene: Yasmine Guenancia and Edward Tricomi.

Scene: Stan Wan and Jade Albert.

Scene: Helen S. Murray and Christiaan Houtenbos.

Scene: Rochelle Mello, Harry’s niece. And that’s Janet Wolfman on the right.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Dustin Pittman.

Scene: Montgomery Frazier and Debbie Dickinson.

Scene: Harry King, Constance von Collande, and Nancy Donahue.

Scene: Tony’s daughter Ari Spinell and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Yoshinori Hashimoto.

Scene: Shelby Lane and Sophia Chen.

Scene: Dustin Pittman and Freddie Leiba.

Scene: Jennifer Watson and Harry King.

Scene: Klaus Lucka von Zelberschwecht and Helen Oppenheim.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Samantha Brownell.

Scene: Christiaan Houtenbos and Harry King.

Scene: Sam Bodloche and Hayden Flanders.

Scene: Jean Stone, Dustin Pittman, and Benjamin Pasteur.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and friends.

Scene: Rashgene Gazi-White and friends.

Scene: Debbie Dickinson, Joey Hunter, and Dan Brennan.

Scene: Luis, Oscar Reyes, and Roger.

Scene: Philip Anthony Coccioletti and Thom Fleming.

Scene: Lani Nguyer, Hayden Flanders, and Kelly Phan.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and L.J. Kirby.

Scene: Gloria Dare and Ford Crull.

Scene: Bill Jarema and L.J. Kirby.

Scene: Hayden Flanders and friend.

Scene: Harry King and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Annie Rex and Sumner Hatch.

Scene: Beth King DeVito and me. Photo James Bosco with my camera.

Scene: Alan Gold.

Scene: Paul North.

Scene: Sumner Hatch.

Scene: Betsy Barry and friends.

Scene: Annie Rex.

Scene: Sylvie Ball and friends.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Samantha Brownell.

Scene: Barbara Tate and Harry King.

Scene: Hayden Flanders, Sam Bodloche and friends.

Scene: Nancy Donahue bids a fond farewell to the guests.

Scene: Ari Spinelli, Joey Hunter, and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Montgomery Frazier and Barbara Tate.

Scene: Thanks for another memorable, fun, fab, and wonderful evening, Nancy and Harry!