NYFW Hilfiger Artistix

Scene: Ski Slope “Adventure” Artistix Winter 20/21 presented by Andy Hilfiger, creative director. Greg Polisseni, founder and artist, “The Adventure collection was inspired by winter sports and my painting Stars & Stripes…”  The painting was created in 2013 and has hung in the Obama White House, veteran hospitals and institutions.
The show was a ski lodge dance party with models swayin’ and dancing to a rap-packed playlist as the guests rocked in the ‘house’ viewing the fashions. A high intensity night. Guests packed the Westside warehouse, Metropolitan West, on February 12, 2020 to see a mix of American streetwear with a hip-hop sensibility. Red, white, blue, and black.
Talent for the show: Hair by lead hairstylist Edward Tricomi of  Warren-Tricomi Salons and team, Edward created “beachy waves” with long shiny hair as shown above; Makeup by lead makeup artist Bethany Townes and team, Bethany created with blue under the eye, shimmer highlights, a little blush, and a balm lip; Show producers Klarna’s and Style360; Music DJ Blaze NYC; Jewelry throughout Luxe Jewelers. Above photo, Allie, wearing Leather Side Swipe Catsuit and faux fur headband.

Scene: Carolyne with beachy waves.

Scene: Carolyne, wearing Ski Racer Turtleneck Sweater, Leather Leggings, with Steve Madden satin heels.

Scene: Alli with beachy waves.

Scene: Alli, wearing Olympic Turtleneck Sweater, faux fur earmuffs, with Steve Madden thigh high boots.

Scene: Jeremy.

Scene: Jeremy, wearing Super G Sherpa Pullover and Jogger, with Timberland boots.

Scene: Kimberly, wearing Snow Bunny Catsuit, Toboggan Stripe V Sweater, with Steve Madden thigh high boots.

Scene: Kimberly in Steve Madden thigh high boots.

Scene: Jonathan, wearing Ski Patrol Sweater and beanie.

Scene: Sashalee with beachy waves.

Scene: Blake, wearing Adventure Chevron Rugby Shirt.

Scene: PJ, wearing spray painted Dripping Logo Tee and Adventure Camo Puffer.

Scene: PJ, wearing Adventure Camo Parachute Pant, with Timberland boots.

Scene: David, wearing  Star Sweater and beanie. And Jino, wearing Mountain Turtleneck.

Scene: Carolyn and Alli.

Scene: Allie enters the stage, wearing Leather Side Swipe Catsuit, faux fur headband and scarf.

Scene: Dean, wearing Greetings Hoodie, Adventure Camo Bomber and Ski Pants, with Moon Boots.

Scene: Moon Boots.

Scene: Sashalee swayin’, wearing Redrun Catsuit, belt, and faux fur earmuffs.

Scene: Tyler, wearing Olympic Turtleneck Sweater, Side Swipe Leggings, and holding Adventure Camo Reversible Puffer.

Scene: Jonathan, wearing Ski Patrol Sweater, Square Carpenter Pant, beanie, with Timberland boots.

Scene: Blake swayin’, wearing Adventure Chevron Rugby Shirt.

Scene: David, wearing Star Sweater, Black Jeans with contrast stitch, beanie, with Timberland boots. Jino at left, wearing Mountain Turtleneck and Freestyle Jeans with white inside leg, with Timberland boots.

Scene: Eva dancing, wearing Lion Fairisle Sweater, Redrun Leggings, faux fur earmuffs, with Steven Maddden boots.

Scene: Jeremy, wearing Super G Sherpa Pullover Hoodie and Sherpa Jogger, with Timberland boots. And Isabell wearing Backside Catsuit, with Steve Madden boots.

Scene: Aidan, wearing Blue Camo Woven Shirt, Jeans, and white goggles. Diosmary at right, wearing Black Diamond Catsuit, Adventure Camo Reversible Puffer, with Steve Madden boots.

Scene & Heard: Daniel dancing, listen to DaBaby’s Blind  featuring Young Thug. He’s wearing Ski Striped Woven Shirt, Freestyle Jeans, belt, with Timberland boots.

Scene: Rapper Kid Pat performed at the show.

Scene: Group hugs as the show comes to an end.

Scene: Andy Hilfiger with his children and wife Kim posing with models for the cameras.

Scene: Andy Hilfiger wearing Artistix Puffer Scarf with Allie, PJ, Jeremy, and Isabell.

Scene: Jonathan after the show.

Scene: Aidan after the show in his own tee and jewelry.

Scene: Jonathan after the show in his own tee.

Scene: David after the show wearing his black tee and Comme des Garçons pants.

Scene: Carolyne and Allie.

A special thank you to Helen Oppenheim, US Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine, archivist, blogger, and hair guru, for asking me to collaborate during Fashion Week.

Please note, my Fall/Winter 2020 NYFW series was photographed in February 2020. Until the magazine decided what images they were utilizing I was not permitted to publish them. And because of the pandemic it took longer than usual.