NYMD Timo Weiland

Scene: Timo Weiland at Men’s Day New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020. Designers Tim Weiland, creative director; Donna Kang; and Alan Eckstein are popularly known as Timo Weiland. They described this collection as a downtown eclectic take on uniform dressing. The brand follows the opposite of classic fall and winter trends. They utilize bright colors and pops of colors throughout their designs and this season was no different. A spectrum of hues were used from pastel pink and mint green to bright red. Models sported sleek suits paired with Dr. Martens and black studded belts which added a slight punk vibe to the classic looks. The layering of t-shirts and sweaters gave the looks dimension.
The trio has partnered with Groupe, a platform that lends infrastructure and shared resources to emerging designers and gives them a physical space to meet with customers in its Bowery showroom.
Talent for the show: hair by Oribe team, lead hairstylist Christian Ceja-Compin; makeup by Makeup Pro New York, lead makeup artist Mua; fashion editor/stylist Haley Loewenthal. Tinted sunglasses, created in partnership with Zenni. Shoes throughout Dr. Martens. Above and below photo, Nick Page, model, represented by Bri’geid Agency, New York Models, and Why Not Models in Italy.

Scene: Back stage before the presentation.

Scene: Nick Page, model, represented by Bri’geid Agency, New York Models, and Why Not Models in Italy.

A special thank you to Helen Oppenheim, US Correspondent for Peluquerias Magazine, archivist, blogger, and hair guru, for asking me to collaborate during Fashion Week.