Scene: Opening Night with Janet Hicks and Sean B. Nutley. The celebration of the arts in Kingston in the Hudson Valley featured a curated selections of 22 fine art galleries and artists from NYC and other states for the first annual OMG ArtFaire. It is an initiative of Janet Hicks, Gallerist, Owner, One Mile Gallery, Kingston, NY.
The VIP opening launched the StockadeFaire, spearheaded by Sean B. Nutley, Co-Owner of blue Cashew Kitchen, and real estate agent Hudson Modern. The four-day art fair included works from both established and emerging artists, and performance artists at the historic Wall Street Music Hall. It was built in the early 1900’s and originally served as a vaudeville and movie house for Kingston residents and tourists who came up the Hudson River by ferry. 
Sean is holding Mike King poster, OMG ArtFaire 2021, three color screen print on white paper, printed throughout the four-day event.

Scene: Mark Hogancamp, Artist, US Navy Veteran. Welcome to Marwen, a film directed by Robert Zemeckis, who co-wrote the script with Caroline Thompson, was based on the life and artwork of Mark Hogancamp, a hate-crime survivor who turned to art as a form of therapy. In 2000, he spent nine days in a medically induced coma before waking up to a world he didn’t recognize, having lost his memories of what happened prior to the assault. He had a 40-day stay at the hospital and enough physical therapy so that he could relearn to walk and talk. To help him cope with the fallout of his assault that saddled him with crippling psychological trauma, he created a fictional 1 to 6 scale World War II Belgian town named Marwencol, populated with toy soldiers and Barbies inspired by his real-life friends, neighbors, and even the men who attacked him. In 2010, he was the subject of Jeff Malmberg’s award-winning documentary, Marencol, named after the imaginary town.
One Mile Gallery regularly shows his work, and in New York, Allouche Gallery, Pioneer Works, and White Columns Gallery have also done so.
Scene: Jane Deering, Director, Jane Deering Gallery, Gloucester MA, with Adin Murray’s Great Marsh #1, oil on canvas.
Scene: Abby Deering, Jane Deering Gallery, Gloucester MA, with Alice Hutchkins‘ (1916-2020) magnetic fields sculpture Group 1 / Model K, left, James Paradis, Cloud #9, top, and Into the Blue, bottom, both oil on sculptured canvas, and Michael Porter’s No.8, right, oil, acrylics on Arches paper.
Scene: Atim Annette Oton, Curator, Calabar Gallery, NYC, with artwork by Alexander Kyungu Mwilabwe, left top, Nzoloko-Map III, left bottom, Nzoloko-Map I, both woodcut, incision, engraving, acrylic, Untitled 2020, right, and Untitled 2019, far right, both woodcut, incision, engraving, wood dust, collage, acrylic.
The gallery showcases contemporary African Artists and African Diaspora artists globally. Each artist selected has work that deals with the complexities of the African experience. 
Scene: Laurie De Chiara, Co-Founder and Director of AirPort, with her husband, Stefan Saffer’s folding paintings, from left, Soul Tweet and Souk on the wall, and Suzanne Wright’s Untiled (Jim).
Saffer creates intricate abstract compositions from single sheets of painted, cut and folded paper. He is Director of Interactions at ArtPort in the historic Cornell Steamboat Building in the Strand, Kingston, NY. 
Scene: More artwork from the ArtPort gallery booth. Maryann Strandell, Julie Hedrick, Seth Rubin, Maxine Leu, Beth Humphreys, Jeila Gueramian, and Rodger Stevens.
Scene: Kristeen Schiele, Artist with AirPort, standing with her paintings and sticks. She is inspired by stage sets, cinema, allegory, and storytelling that is theatrical and playful.
Scene: Jim Kempner, Owner, Jim Kempner Fine Art, NYC, Sondra Kitchen, Sales Associate, and Jim Watt, Artist, with Jim Watt’s paintings, left to right, Liminal 2, Liminal 3, Liminal 4, all oil on canvas. Special thanks to Kaitlyn Ghougassian, Associate Director, and Morgan Grant, Gallery Assistant.
Scene: Jim Watt, Artist, paintings, left to right, Liminal 2, Liminal 3, Liminal 4, all oil on canvas.
Jay Kelly, Artist, sculptures, left to right, Untitled #499, wood, gesso, acrylic, Untitled #403, metal, Untitled #535, metal, enamel paint, Untitled #501, wood, gesso, acrylic. Represented by Jim Kempner Fine Art.
Scene: Rick Wester, Director, Rick Wester Fine Art, NYC, with Mary Shah’s paintings. Circling ‘Til We Land, top left, and Future Memories, bottom left, both watercolor on paper, and Lyra’s Lake (Greek Song), right, diptych oil on canvas.
Scene: Keri Oldham with quilt created by the Alabama artist collective, Gee’s Bend Quilters. The woman of Gee’s Bend have created hundreds of quilt masterpieces dating from the early twentieth century. The inhabitants of this small, rural community are mostly descendants of slaves, who for generations worked the fields belonging to Pettyway plantation. Using recycled work clothes and dresses, feed sacks, and fabric remnants, the woman have composed bold geometrics that are a visual testament to the quilting groups and aesthetic lineage of local families. Represented by One Mile Gallery.
Scene: Lisa Padovani wearing and standing with creations by Gee’s Bend Quilters.
Scene: Kerry Gaertner Gerbracht, Principal, Ver Sacrum Fine Art Consulting, NYC. Paintings by Emmet Duggan, left, Stephen Gorman, right. Other artists, Grady Gerbracht and B.A. Van Sise.
Scene: Mike King, Brooklyn Graphic Designer, Printmaker, with his posters, screen prints on white paper, before he starts his silk screening happening.
Scene: Guests.
Scene: Mark Hogancamp, Artist, US Navy Veteran, and Janet Hicks, Gallerist, Owner, One Mile Gallery, Kingston, NY, with his artwork. Photographs of his fictional World War II town Marwencol. Untiled 2008, right, and Untiled 2008, left, both digital inkjet prints.
Scene: Mark Hogancamp’s artwork, digital inkjet print. A photographer takes a photo of Anna and Mark’s alter ego, Hogie, at Marwencol Falls, where they spent their honeymoon.
Scene: Marieken Cochius, Artist, with her artwork, Frequency 48, top, and Frequency 64, bottom, both inks on paper. Her work is meditative and intuitive and often explores growth forms, movement of light and wind, root systems, and animal architecture. Represented by The Lockwood Gallery.
Scene: Publicists for OMG ArtFaire and StockadeFaire. Joanna Pagoulatos, Vice President Operations, and Barbara Wagner Founder and President, of Barbara Wagner Communications.
Scene: Beth Kantrowitz, Co-Director, Drive-By Projects, Watertown, MA, with artwork from her gallery, and Bob.
Scene: Rob Bermann, Conductor, and Chase Brock, Choreographer, renovated the 1902 Accord Depot train station, with careful preservation. Modern Accord Depot, in addition to preserving New York, Ontario & Western Railway architecture, is a dynamic arts residency space and one-of-a-kind Hudson Valley getaway serving dual populations: artists and non-profit arts organizations in need of residency space.
Modern Accord Depot presented Olivia Palacios, Choreographer, dance performance Propulsive, below.
Scene: Opening night’s dynamic dance performance Propulsive. Choreographed by Olivia Palacios and presented by Modern Accord Depot. Dancers Jane Abbot, Grant Howard, Richard Sayana, and Molly Grey.
Scene: Kenise Barnes, Director, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Kent CT, with Mulling over a Haiku by Janna Watson.
Scene: Samantha French, Artist, with her painting Below the Sun. Her current body of work explores the idea of escape, the tranquility and nostalgia for the lazy summer days of her childhood. Represented by Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY.
Scene: Michael Lokensgaard, Artist, and Janet Hicks, Gallerist, Owner, One Mile Gallery, Kingson, NY, with Audrey Stone’s painting Keep Close, flashe on canvas, in the Kenise Barnes Fine Art Gallery booth. Represented by Carrie Haddad Galery
Scene: Cade Tompkins, Director, Cade Tompkins Projects, Providence, RI, left to right, with Allison Bianco’s Not Too Far North, intaglio screen print, Nancy Friese’s Glittering Spring, oil on canvas, and Stella Ebner’s Pole Beans and Mexican Beetle Damage, woodblock.
Scene: Paul Gagner, Artist, and Jacob Rhodes, Artist and Co-Founder, Field Projects Gallery, NYC, with Paul’s paintings, The Artist Rearranged With Pickle, left, and Stoop Sale, right, both oil on canvas. Gagner is represented by Field Projects Gallery.
Scene: Paul Gagner, Artist, Suspended Lunch, high density foam, aqua-resin, fiberglass, metal, acrylic paint. This sculpture was created for and installed in Poughkeepsie for the Upstate Arts Weekend in the Hudson Valley. He’s been making spider webs because they represent the passing of time and a lurking, maybe sinister, intention. Represented by Field Projects Gallery.
Scene: Grady Gerbacht, Artist, and OMG ArtFaire lead installer, with his son, Eamonno.
Scene: Grady Gerbacht, Artist, Incidental Composition, mounted photographs. He views the city as a collaborator, finding unique compositions on the street as he goes about his day. Represented by Ver Sacrum Fine Art Consulting.
Scene: Stephanie Theodore, Director, Theodore Art, NYC, with Oliver Watson’s archival inkjet prints on photo paper.
Scene: Oliver Watson’s archival inkjet prints on photo paper. Represented by Theodore Art.
Scene: Christina Osburn, Paula Cereghino, and John Smylie with Klye Meyer’s artwork.
Scene: Kyle Meyer, Artist, with his creation, Bleeding Out, pigment dyed woven cotton. Watch him create it. This is the evening look of his artwork. Represented by Yossi Milo Gallery, NYC.
Scene: Sean B. Nutley, Co-Owner blue Cashew Kitchen and Creator of the StockadeFaire event, and Orlando Reece, Vice President, Category Development Officer at Univision Communications Inc.
Scene: Kathleen Griffin by Mike King’s Gallery booth.
Scene: Mike King with squeegee in hand moves across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink to create the OMG ArtFaire 2021 poster, three color screen print on white paper.
Scene: Carmel Holt and Jojo Ans with Mike King’s posters, screen prints on white paper.
Scene: Jane and Neal Hollinger with Mike King’s posters, screen prints on white paper.
Scene: Neal Hollinger, Artist, Cloudy Rainbow Sparkle, wall lamp, plaster and enamel paint.
Scene: Guests viewing art in the Drive-By Projects booth.
Scene: Jim Watts’ 1000W. A series of 1000 ink washes (Japanese Sumi ink and water on paper) created in conversation with improvisational jazz. The interaction between the painter and an assemblage of musicians, led by trumpeter Antoine Drye, was featured in a live performance. Footage of an overhead camera captured the works as they were created and projected for the artist and audience to see. A film, produced and directed by Danny Clinch, will chronicle the entirety of the project.
Scene: Jim Watt ink washing paper projected on the screen. A collaboration of art, music, and film.
Scene: Janet Hicks with guests.
Scene: Greg Slick, Artist, and Alan Goolman, Curator, The Lockwood Gallery, Kingston, NY.
Scene: Greg Slick, Artist, paintings Old Materiality, top, and Dig for Fire, bottom, both acrylic on wood panel. His artwork is based on the ancestral land of the Wappinger people and investigates the crossroads of art, archaeology, and anthropology, plus the influence of ancient cultures on contemporary art. Represented by The Lockwood Gallery.
Scene: Julie Hedrick, Artist, with her painting Solar Wind, triptych oil on canvas, and Le Soeil Chair, street find prepared as a canvas, gesso, acrylic. “My work explores the human experience at its primal level: energy. I experience energy in the world though color-form-space.” Represented by Nohra Haime Gallery, NYC.
Scene: Eamonn Gerbracht with Julie Hedrick’s Sculptural Meditation Set.
Scene: Aaron Hauck, Artist, with his painting Visitors, oil on canvas. His paintings are the experience of his surroundings, from social events to empty rooms. Hauck’s palette is often high key which keeps the work looking modern and never nostalgic.
Scene: Elizabeth Schwaiger, Artist, left to right, Houseplant Sparking, oil, ink, acrylic on canvas, Houseplant Seance IV, acrylic, ink on canvas, Plant Grow Other World, acrylic, watercolor on canvas, Plant Grow Savage, acrylic on canvas, Fiery Room, acrylic on canvas, Plant Grow Savage, acrylic on canvas, Dawn II, acrylic on canvas, Captiva, oil, acrylic, watercolor, graphite on canvas. Represented by Jane Lombard Gallery.
Scene: Lisa Carlson, Senior Director, Jane Lombard Gallery, NYC, with Sarah Dwyer’s Double Double Etretat, oil and charcoal on linen.
Scene: Jennifer Hicks, Founder, Director, Artist, 11 Jane Street Art Center, Saugerties, NY, and Kathryn O’Mara, Gallery Assistant, with Jennifer’s Transient Everlasting mixed media on canvas.
Scene: Mary-Ann Monforton, Artist, and Jared Linge, Founder, High Noon Gallery, NYC, with Mary-Ann’s Play Station.
Scene: Mary-Ann Monforton, Artist, Play Station and Climbing Wall. Represented by High Noon Gallery.
In Play Station, Monforton expands on her ongoing body of work in which recognizable objects are remade, crudely, using limited, fast acting materials such as wire mesh, plaster, gauze, resin, and a variety of surface coatings.
Climbing Wall is comprised of a grid of robes centered around what would have been foam supports for a jungle gym.
Scene: Patricia Trafton, Owner and Director, Soap Box Arts, Burlington, VT, left to right, with Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey’s Unexpected Twist, hand burnt lines on paper, Build & Bend, hand burnt lines, wire, reed on paper, and Breathe, hand burnt lines on paper, and Scott Cambell’s Chime Cannon, mixed medium on paper on panel.
Scene: Jessica DuPont’s Half Moon Books display sculpture.
Scene: Debra Mangrum, Artist, Writer, and Joe Mangrum, Artist. He creates sand paintings and multiple medium installations. Both are based in NYC.
Scene: Ed Potokar and his bandmates with his handcrafted experimental musical instruments. These unique artist-made instruments sang their tune throughout the Wall Street Music Hall.
Through his unusual creations, Potokar, an artist, seasoned percussionist, and acclaimed industrial designer, has invented an environment where primitive and modern sounds perform a delicate dance in the context of the unique shapes and designs that trigger them.
Scene: Elizabeth Keithline, Artist, Curator, Shadow Sculptures. Shadow art was created with woven wire shapes and lights. This moveable installation created giant to small shadows by Elizabeth moving the wire shapes to and from the lights. Represented by 11 Jane Street Art Center.
Scene: Elizabeth Keithline Shadow Sculptures on the Wall Street Music Hall stage.
Scene: Kyle Meyer, Artist, Bleeding Out, pigment dyed woven cotton. This is the afternoon view of his artwork.
Paul Gagner, Artist, What Moves You?. Rocking chair with spider webs on right, high density foam, aqua-resin, fiberglass, metal, acrylic paint.