Studio 54 Radio

Scene: Studio 54 Radio. On my anniversary at Studio 54 Radio, Sirius XM holding a Studio 54 Jeans ad I did when I was fashion art director at Bloomingdales after my interview with the co-hosts of the Marc and Myra Show. Myra Scheer, former Executive Assistant to Studio 54 co-owner Steve Rubell, and Marc Benecke former Studio 54 Doorman.

A few days later I heard from Myra saying she would like to introduce me to Matthew Yokobosky, Senior Curator of Fashion and Material Culture, at the Brooklyn Museum because they were having an exhibition “Studio 54 Night Magic”. We spoke and Matthew was interested in this ad and my Thierry Mugler ad. And two pairs of Maud Frizon spectator pumps of my wife’s, Beth. She wore her Maud Frizon’s to Studio 54 a few times. One night she wore one red/white and one blue/white, it was a hit that night and in the press the following days.

Lower right, another ad I did revising the headline for a post to reflect the acceptance of our archives and to promote the exhibit  “My Bloomingdale’s Days and Our Studio 54 Nights”. Thank you, Myra, Marc, and Matthew! xox

Studio 54 Jeans ad photographer and airbrush effects by Richie Williamson. String-like-a Butterfly’s satin shorts and jeans ad illustrated by Antonio Lopez. Photo Bernadette Beauvais.