The Club Room

Scene: Harry King and Nancy Donahue at their famed and celebrated fashion reunion event. The recent party was at the Soho Grand, in the Club Room which embodies New York nightlife: glamorous and swanky. It was a convergence from near and far of industry greats and notables to the anticipated annual gathering. Movers, shakers, and “genuous” wonderful people. The mood was cheerful at the high-style gathering place. Another fab night with Nancy and Harry!

The hosts, Nancy, supermodel, mother, entrepreneur, and Harry, hairstylist legend, photographer, super guy.

Scene: Geoffrey Saunders and Margret Avery.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Alan Gold.

Scene: Freddie Leiba and Terry Melville.

Scene: Me and Tony Spinelli, photographed by Sylvie Ball.

Scene: In the mix.

Scene: Barbara Camp, Gethchen Anne, Tony Spinelli, and Richard Warren.

Scene: Club Room bar.

Scene: Sylvie Ball, Willard Morgan, Lucy Kaylin, and Kerry Reoradan.

Scene: George Eng with his mother Nancy Donahue.

Scene: Rosy Katich and Rochelle Mello.

Scene: Daye Simpson, Jany Tomba, and Shanti Patty Owen.

Scene: Tony Spinelli, Margret Avery, Jack Scalia, and Barbara Camp.

Scene: Asia Janina Dyrkaczs and Karl Rudisill.

Scene: Renauld White, Salvatore J. Cesarani, and Robert Farber.

Scene: Barbara Neumann and Stan Wan.

Scene: Joy Bell, Beverly Lee with her husband Robert Moscovitz.

Scene: Harry King and Geoffrey Saunders.

Scene: Willard Morgan and Kerry Reoradan.

Scene: George Eng, Nancy’s son, composing an image on his device.

Scene: The composition with Gethchen Anne and Nancy Donahue.

Scene: Tony Spinelli’s children, Ari and Dante.

Scene: Joe Boggess and Esma Korn.

Scene: Dawn Gallagher and friend smiling at Harry King’s camera.

Scene: Gretchen Anne, Nancy Donahue, Joy Bell, and Julia Stephen.

Scene: Bill Westmoreland, debuting the t-shirt Keith Haring gave him at the iconic shooting for Vanity Fair by photographer Annie Leibovitz for which he did hair and makeup, with Freddie Leiba and Margret Avery.

Scene: Nina Reeves, Gerard Leddy, and Beverly Lee.

Scene: Linda Mason and Margret Avery.

Scene: Corey Dorson and James Bosco.

Scene: Alva Chinn, Kim Charlton, Jack Scalia, Yasmine Guenancia, Renauld White, and Bob Menna.

Scene: Joey Hunter with his and Kim Charlton’s son, Nicky. Thanks, Nicky, for helping me with my camera.

Scene: Renauld White and Yasmine Guenancia.

Scene: Joey Mills and Barry Weinbaum.

Scene: Lorena Bermejo, Kissy Mentovay, and Max Herrera.

Scene: Gabriel Masson and Rosy Katich giving bunny ears.

Scene: Philip Anthony Coccioletti and Beverly Lee.

Scene: Ken Browne and Harry King.

Scene: Faize and Chacho Guenancia, Yasmine Guenancia’s son.

Scene: Nancy Donahue, Greg Griner, Anne Bezamat, and Shanti Patty Owen.

Scene: Pam Geiger, Beverly Lee, Leslie Mills, Daye Simpson, and Jordan Brenda.

Scene: Linda Morand Phillips with her family. Laura Morand, Kitty Phillips, John Phillips, Linda, granddaughter Mackenzie Brady and her mother Mirjana Morand.

Scene: Alan Gold, Sandy Linter, and Freddie Leiba.

Scene: Juan Gamboa, right, and friends.

Scene: Kissy Mentovay and Kim Charlton.

Scene: Tod Buchanan, Janet Elisabeth Stanwood, and Daniel Perry.

Scene: George Eng, Sarah Donahue, and John McAleenan.

Scene: Ricardo Marin, Alva China, and Joshua Kokeny.

Scene: Nancy Donahue, Kim Charlton, Anne Bezamat, Beverly Lee, Victoria Lemigova, Yasmine Guenancia, and Pam Geiger.

Scene: Dancing with the night. Gretchen Anne with yours truly keeping the beat with Dawn Gallagher and friends. Photographed by Karl Rudisill with my camera.

Scene & Heard: And the beat goes on — Harry King, Kim Charlton, Ricardo Marin, Nancy Donahue, Lucy Kaylin, and Rochelle Mello. Listen — You Make Me Feel Good by Satin Jackets.

Scene: It was a Studio54 night, even Marc Benecke former doorman of 54 was in the house.

Scene: Rodrigo Nieto-Galvis and Carmen D’Alessio, former public relations agent for Studio54.

Scene: Victoria Lemigova, Peter Thomas Roth, and Anne Bezamat.

Scene: Rochelle Mello.

Scene: Kim Charlton and Joey Hunter.

Scene: Alva China, Nancy Donahue, Pam Geiger, and Beverly Lee.

Scene: Steve Goss and Benjamin Pasteur.

Scene: Chelsea Blackburn, food and beverage manager at Soho Grand Hotel, and DJ of the night, Delphine Blue, spinned tunes with genre fusion from disco to rock.

Scene: MJ Monta and Bill Jarema.

Scene: Richard Warren, Harry King, Chelsea Blackburn, and Nancy Donahue.

Scene: Jillian King, Wendy Whitelaw, Robert Aaron, and Karin Bishop.

Scene: Barbara Neumann and Cecille Swayneson leaving the Soho Grand Hotel.

Scene: Steve Goss and Barbara Tate into the night.

Thanks for another great night, Nancy and Harry!