Halloween Eve

Scene: Christina Osburn and Paul O’Connor’s Annual Halloween Gathering. On a cool fall evening full of spirits and delights, festive friends arrive. Smiles, hugs, and greetings. Some in costume. Some in sweaters, jackets, and warm wear. The Waxing Crescent Moon in the sky, was illuminated 41% by the Sun. A subtle breeze brushed by, the leaves rustled as the branches swayed. The wind then howled as the trees bent, the leaves shook, and the clouds covered the moon! Everyone looked up. Everyone looked at each other. “It’s so strange”. What was that? “Must be the season of the witch”!
Revelers above, Giselle Potter, Rachel Chayon, and Jojo Ans.

Scene: Co·hosts Paul O’Connor and Christina Osburn, with their adorable Stella.

Scene: Kieran Kinsella.

Scene: Fred Smith and Paula Cerrighino.

Scene: Josh Alexander and Aya Cash.

Scene: Katie Coyle Todd and David Todd.

Scene: Giselle Potter and Kieran Kinsel.

Scene: Anthony Borelli and Chris Boosahda.

Scene: Jojo Ans and Carmel Holt.

Scene: Giselle Potter, Chris Boosahda, Rachel Chayon, Jojo Ans, Carmel Holt, Darren O’Sullivan, and Anthony Borelli.

Scene: Chris Boosahda, Sean B Nutley, and Brendon F. Casey.

Scene: Pema Cliett.

Scene: Josh Alexander and Paul O’Connor.

Scene: Christina Osburn’s delicious Pavlova Cake with the Day of the Dead imagery. The merinque desert had flavoring of vanilla, and a richness from the custard and fresh fruit.

Scene: Rachel Gans and John Murphy.

Scene: Janet Wygal and Todd Prudhomme.

Scene: Tasty delights.

Scene: Spooky treats.

Scene: Sunny and Elise.

Scene: Janet Wygal and Todd Prudhomme.

Scene: Liv and Greg Hill.

Scene: Rachel Chayon.

Scene: Todd Prudhomme.

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Scene: Paula Cerrighino, Beth King DeVito, Mario Geissler, and Janet Wygal.

Scene: The cowgirl spirit is strong and brave, and full of endless possibility.

Scene: Brendon F. Casey and Sean B Nutley.

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Scene: Amy Worley, Hans Gissinger, and Frank Bango in the back.

Scene: Christina Osburn and Josh Alexander.

Scene: Frank Bango and David Todd.

Scene: Giselle Potter.

Scene: Anthony Borelli and Paul O’Connor looking at the Waxing Crescent Moon as the clouds cover it.

Scene: Sunny and Elise, and Mario Geissler.

Scene: Paula Cerrighino and Beth King DeVito.

Scene: Jojo Ans, Sean B Nutley, Brendon F. Casey, and Rachel Chayon.

Scene: Steve Bohn.

Scene: Yours truly.

Scene: Christina Osburn looks back to make sure the prison officer isn’t around!

Scene: Jim Fossett, Suzanne Stokes, and Veronica Reck.

Scene: Paula Cerrighino and Aya Cash.

Scene: Co·hosts Paul O’Connor and Christina Osburn, the hosts with the most who always put together a fun and wonderful celebration.
Thank you!

Scene: Stella on the scent for a treat…

Scene: Paul O’Connor’s unique creation “Self – Serve Dispenser”.

Scene and Heard: Season of the Witch Donovan, 1966.