Summer to Fall

Scene: Seasons change from warm to cool. Summer sightings of lace, stripes, and semi-sheer. Orange, yellow, lime green, and blues. Always black and white. Patterns, 90’s simplicity, and updated romantics. Denim and cargo pants. Flowing and hugging fabrics. Super mini and maxi too. Boots, slides, and strappy low heel sandals. Oxfords, loathers, and kicks. Easy Breezy.
Note: Normcore is a fashion movement that celebrates effortless style and comfort, which relates to this post.

Scene: The seasons turn. The colors of nature change, maintaining the summer’s vibrant hues of orange, yellow, greens, and lavender. Mixed with beige, browns, and blues with touches of red. Enhanced neutrals. And yes, black and white with grey too. Leather, wool, cashmere, suede, and cotton. Boots, Doc Martens, Timberland, sandals, and sneaker. Color and texture.

Scene and Heard: Steppin’ into fall with Bizarre Inc’s I’m Gonna Get You