Halloween Spirit

Scene: A fun and happy Halloween celebration hosted by Paul O’Connor and Christina Osburn. Paul is wearing one of his creations. Paul, former Technical Director and Stage Designer at Vassar College, is now Designer and Owner of his woodworking and design studio. He’s a master craftsman!

Scene: Christina Osburn, with a knife through her head, talked about her headache. What can I say?? Christina is an Art Teacher and Creator of Events, Artwork, and Spaces. Paul and Christina are fabulous hosts, but more importantly wonderful people.

Scene: Tedd Prudhomme and Janet Hicks.

Scene: Neal Hollinger.

Scene: Janet Wygal.

Scene: Christina Osburn and their sweet Stella.

Scene: Janet Hicks and Neal Hollinger.

Scene: Spirited offerings.

Scene: Janet Wygal and Paul O’Connor.

Scene: Frank Bango.

Scene: Beth King DeVito and me.

Scene: Janet Hicks.

Scene: Janet Wygal.

Scene: Christina Osburn, in the background, and Paul O’Connor, from the back.

Scene: Janet Wygal and Tedd Prudhomme.

Scene: Christina Osburn.

Scene: Paul O’Connor.

Scene: Paul’s Halloween Spirit kinetic carousel. 

Scene: Rachel Gans, Janet Wygal, and Frank Bango on the front porch.

Scene: Christina Osburn and Paul O’Connor’s backyard with thier chestnut tree and workshops.

Scene: Janet Hicks in the front yard.

Scene: Tedd Prudhomme, Rachel Gans, John Murphy in front of Paul O’Connor’s Halloween Spirit stage set.

Scene: Pema Cliett.

Scene: Janet Wygal and Janet Hicks.

Scene: Yours truly and Beth King DeVito.

Scene and Heard: The spooking hours begin! Have a Booootiful Halloween!! Hahahaha… It’s the Monster Mash!!!