Scene: Manresa Clothing Pop-Up store at 173 Elizabeth Street in Nolita, Manhattan. Manresa is a one man brand created by Connecticut born designer and owner Mike McLachlan. His vision encapsulates a workwear, outdoors, and streetwear sensibility. Manresa’s Clothing line is about quality, style, affordability, and communicating with his fan base on an everyday basis. Talk about customer relations! His direction for his brand now is “Classics, not novelties” as he mentioned at the Pop-Up. Mike has had a handful of brands starting when he was 13, creating his graphic tees in his parents basement workshop. This has been his dream 20 years in the making. And what a success it is! It was incredible to see the number of people coming to the Pop-Up from as far as California to meet and purchase. I am very proud of Mike and his journey. I’m wearing one of his shirts from an earlier collection.
Mike and I met in our first year at Marist College in the Fashion Department. Mike was a freshman and I was a new professor. He was in my Photoshop, Illustrator, and Creative Process classes. He has addressed me by a few names. First it was Professor, then it was Mr. D, and my newest is Uncle Fred, which happened at the Pop-Up. He referred to himself as my apprentice when he reached out for me to review his first look book, when he transferred to a Graphic Design major after he left the Fashion Department.
I always believed in Mike’s talent and supported his growth. I became a mentor to him. He shared his visions with me and we brainstormed. He would visit the city and we’d go to fabric stores, talk about his new ideas, and have lunch. We learned from each other.
Photo by Dylan.

Scene: North side of the Pop-Up shop.

Scene: South and east sides of the Pop-Up shop.

Scene: In transaction.

Scene: Max and Christine.

Scene: Mike’s Apple Macintosh in the window on display. Later it was rebranded as the Macintosh 128K and is the original Apple Macintosh personal computer. It played a pivotal role in establishing desktop publishing as a general office function. The Macintosh was introduced by a television commercial entitled “1984” shown during Super Bowl XVIII on January 22, 1984.

Scene: Dylan and Mike.

Scene: Manresa’s Back East Tee in White.

Scene: Matt Kanovsky wearing his recent purchase, Manresa’s Bittner coat in Camel. A super heavy washed canvas work coat with soft satin lining, corduroy collar and ribbed cuffs with heavy duty YKK snaps and zips.

Scene: Mussel and clam cages serve as the base for merchandise and inspirational objects.

Scene: Happy Mike! And why shouldn’t he be with his first very successful Pop-Up store.

Scene: Manresa Clothing on view.

Scene: Abhijeet wearing Manresa’s Tartan Fleece in Black, a pullover with waxed canvas on the hood and pockets. The hood is lined in tartan.

Scene: Annie and Dylan.

Scene: Nolan Hayes, designer and owner of Transparent Hotel, and Finley Heilers, FIT student who works with Nolan, play chess. Finley lites a palosanto wood scent stick, and is wearing a Transparent Hotel shirt.

Scene: Finley wears diamonds, silver, and pearls.

Scene: Mike greeting a guest.

Scene: Guests shop the shop.

Scene: About to try on the Manresa’s Vallas Overcoat in brown.

Scene: Holly and Mike McLachlan with their adorable daughter Virginia.

Scene: Finley Heilers wearing Manresa’s Cranbury Cardigan in Olive.

Scene: Caps: Manressa Manhattan 173, Tartan in Green Mountain, and Interlock in Olive Drab.

Scene: Joe and Adam shopping.

Scene: Joe is wearing Manresa’s Bittner coat in Indigo. A super heavy washed canvas work coat with soft satin lining, corduroy collar and ribbed cuffs. Heavy duty YKK snaps and zips.

Scene: Antonio Ciongoli, Creative Director at 18 East, and Mike.

Scene: Pero Simic reviewing the offerings.

Scene: Jasmine Bhoola and Tausif Khan.

Scene: Mike Palamountan.

Scene: Shawn Lacosta, Lizzie, Jacques, and Mikey. Shawn is wearing a Manresa hoodie from an earlier collection.

Scene: Dan Shetron wearing Manrersa’s Vallas Overcoat in brown.

Scene: Inspirational items.

Scene: Samantha from 18 East.

Scene: Antonio Ciongoli, Creative Director at 18 East, and Nam Nguyen from 18 East.

Scene: The Crew: Dennis, Mickey, Mike, Shawn, and Mike.

Scene: A pizza party ensued. Mike, Shawn, Lizzie, Micky, Nolan wearing the Vallas Overcoat in brown, and Mike.

Scene: Mike and Dennis wearing a Manresa shirt. One of my favorites!

Scene: Having a look.

Scene: Manresa’s Cranbury Cardigan in Rust with the Sheffield Pant in Duck Camo.

Scene: Gina wearing Manresa’s Cranbury Cardigan in Olive.

Scene: Shopping the rack.

Scene: A busy Manresa Pop-Up store.

Scene: Niko, Gina, and Mike wearing one of his t-shirt designs.

Scene: Pero Simic.

Scene: Marist alumni Leander Trotter, Associate Outerwear Designer at GIII for Guess and Kenneth Cole Men’s, and Mike in conversation.

Scene: What does Leander Trotter have in his shopping bag? Manresa’s Lachlan shirt, two tee’s, Chunky Socks in chocolate and sand, mug, and Fujifilm’s QuickSnap single-use camera.

Scene: Manresa’s MMX Beanie’s in Teal and Black.

Scene: Dan Shetron wearing Manresa’s Lachlan Shirt in Rolling Hills.

Scene: Caps, inspiration, and props on display.

Scene: Andrew’s pup Olive.

Scene: Norm and Diane LeBlanc, Holly McLachlan’s parents. Norm is wearing a Manresa tee from an earlier collection.

Scene: Stephanie and Jasmine.

Scene: Proud dad Mike, with miss adorable Virginia.

Scene: Checking out Manresa’s Vallas Overcoat.

Scene: Manresa’s Vallas Overcoat in blue. I bought one!

Scene: Jarrod and Stephanie.

Scene: Taking a closer look at Manresa’s Sheffield Pant in Duck Camo.

Scene: Mike’s parents Bill and Cathy McLachlan with Mike. Bill is wearing a Manresa sweat shirt from an earlier collection and Mike is wearing his Pop-Up tee.

Scene: Allie, Leanne, and Natalie.

Scene: Alex Delaney is a Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Consultant and Host of Sound Radio on Spotify; Aidan Scurti; and Fran Young who owns the brand Paratodo and Aiden helps him out. Photo by Mike McLachlan.

Scene and Heard: Walkin’ the walk as he leaves the Manresa Clothing Pop-Up. Listen to Death Cab for Cutie’s song Here To Forever.

Scene: Manresa’s neon sign in the store front window.
Manresa’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/manresamfg/?hl=en
and website https://manresaclothing.com/.
And here’s an article about Mike and his brand by Gear Patrol