Scene: Julia Bernadsky and Shanti Patty Owen Un Deiux with friends, family, and colleaguesThe book is a true story of a desperate ex-supermodel turned legal secretary trying to find love in all the dark places. This is the tragic but ultimately triumphant tale of an aging beauty churning through lovers to escape her pain until she finally accepts that she suffers from sex/love addiction and fights her way to a new, sober life. “I accepted lust only as a bad second to love, and I accepted it often.” Details on ordering the book and Kindle version are located at the end of this post. The launch event took place at Cafe Un Deux Trois.

Scene: Julia Bernadsky, Shanti’s daughter Savannah Juhi Kopel, and Melissa C. Alonso. The dynamic trio were instrumental in assisting Shanti at the event.
Jewelry designer, Julia Bernadsky, founder of Untamed Hearts, believes that jewelry can be both beautiful and meaningful. Both Julia and Shanti are wearing Untamed Hearts jewelry.

Scene: Ruth Hacohen, Shanti Patty Owen, and Yossi Pepi Harari.

Scene: Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Stan Wan and Harry King.

Scene: Yasmine Guenancia and Alva Chinn.

Scene: Daisy Mason, Linda Mason, and Shanti Patty Owen.

Scene: Kosta J. Moustakas and Richard Anton Diaz.

Scene: Erika Taveras, Guest, and Lesley Stroller.

Scene: Tina and Johanna.

Scene: Lori Sutherland and Friend.

Scene: Rachelle Oatman and Guest.

Scene: Savannah Juhi Kopel and Shanti Patty Owen, daughter and mother.

Scene: Antje Ballin and Ruth Hacohen.

Scene: Sarah Baley and Tammy Lewis.

Scene: Greg Sherman and Stanley Allen Sherman.

Scene: Kissy Mentovay and Max Herrera.

Scene: Steve Maginnis and Bhavaja Kat.

Scene: Penelope P. Miller and Whitney Miller Douglas.

Scene: Jacob, Joe, and Jay.

Scene: Patrice Casanova and Kristi McKay.

Scene: Olivier Mikhailoff and Daniel Cohen.

Scene: Shanti Patty Owen and Tina Fruchter.

Scene: Sacha Cohen.

Scene: Laurie Gregg.

Scene: Linda Mason and Daisy Mason, mother and daughter.

Scene: Rachelle Oatman, Robert Farber, and Errol Rappaport.

Scene: Kenny, Abigail, and Kristine.

Scene: John Kelsey (Jackie), Johanna Warren, and Tina Fruchter.

Scene: Yasmine Guenancia and Chacho Guenancia, mother and son.

Scene: Michael H. Bucher.

Scene: Katherina, Jose, Alina, Dan, and Friends.

Scene: Prada Madonna, Shanti Patty Owen, and Oscar Reyen.

Scene: Alva Chinn and Michael Kaye.

Scene: Cynthia Birdwell.

Scene: Richard Warren and Stan Wan.

Scene: Glamous Linda Morand Phillips.

Scene:  Larry Kessler and Shanti Patty Owen.

Scene: Diane Sweet and Philip Di Pietro.

Scene: Yvette Heyliger.

Scene: Vanja Luković and Friend.

Scene: Yves Dessca and Shanti Patty Owen.

Scene: Sharon, Adriana, and Peter.

Scene: Clayton Nelson and Lori Sutherland.

Scene: Julia Bernadsky and Suzanne Sutton.

Scene: Herb Britton.

Scene: Guests.

Scene: Daniel Perry and Sana.

Scene: Guest.

Scene: Tony Spinelli and Daniel Cohen.

Scene: Mirjana Morand and Linda Morand Phillips, daughter and mother.

Scene: Shanti Patty Owen signing my copy of her book.

Scene: Renee Rimmer, Bbavaja Kat, and Cheryl Medina.

Scene: Sana and Friend.

Scene: Shanti Patty Owen and Fred J. DeVito. Photo by Stan Wan.

Scene: Julia Bernadsky. The book and Kindle version available on Amazon.

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