Nancy and Harry’s Shindig

Scene: Harry King and Nancy Donahue at their fun event at Slate in New York City. It was the perfect Friday evening for a fashion reunion! Their parties have stayed true to a musical beat. The vibe was upbeat and happy as the DJ spinned Studio 54 dance music pumping up the buoyant mood. The attendees mingled over cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and music. It was a get-together full of joy, celebration, and conversation. Guests included art directors, bloggers, family and friends, fashion designers, hairstylists, magazine editors, makeup artists, models, photographers, producers, public relations, stylists, and other industry greats and notables. Talented, wonderful, and fun people. The mood was festive. Another stellar night with Nancy and Harry at their shindig!

Scene: Loris Diran, Gildo Spado, Esma Korn, and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Joey Hunter and Karen Lee-Grybowski.

Scene: Rodger del Valle, Renaldo Barnette, and Barry Weinbaum.

Scene: Lisa Zari and Vivian Scalia Dash.

Scene: Nancy Donahue, James Bosco, and Harry King.

Scene: Rashgene Gazi-White, Yasmine Guenancia, Deborah Hughes, and Rob Walter.

Scene: Tony Spinelli and Jade Albert.

Scene: Gretchen and Steven Maginnis.

Scene: Joanne Russell and Sandy Linter.

Scene: George and Yasmine Guenancia.

Scene: Nancy Donahue, Constance von Collande, and Harry King.

Scene: Joey Hunter, Debbie Dickinson, and Freddie Leiba.

Scene: Mitch Klien and Rob Kaplan.

Scene: John Warner and Denise Walch.

Scene: Russell Dash and Vivian Scalia Dash.

Scene: Mother and daughter, Carolyn Rea and Jennifer Backus.

Scene: Harry King and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Ricardo Marin and Joshua Kokeny.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Gretchen.

Scene: Yasmine Guenancia and Gildo Spado.

Scene: Ricardo Marin and Sandy Linter.

Scene: Terry Foster and Donald Eckert.

Scene: Ricardo Matinez and Harry King.

Scene: Robert Vordi and Deborah Hughes.

Scene: Gloria Dare and Jim Roderick.

Scene: Mike McGuire and Andy Fuhrmann.

Scene: Rashgene Gazi-White holding Andy Walhol bust, Karen Lee-Grybowski,and Duane Gazi-White.

Scene: Steven Feldman and Diane Smith.

Scene: Joanne Browne, Alberto Ferreras, Ken Browne, Harry King, and Constance von Collande.

Scene: Liz Temkin and Bob Menna.

Scene: Loris Diran, Gildo Spado, Esma Korn, and Tony Spinelli.

Scene: Nancy Donahue, Joey Hunter, and Karen Lee-Grybowski.

Scene: Ruthie and Richard Warren.

Scene: Bonnie Pfeifer Evans.

Scene: Yasmine Guenancia and Vivian Scalia Dash.

Scene: Sandy Linter and Dan Brennan.

Scene: Ja’Dee Murphy and Nancy Donahue.

Scene: Flo Kirley and Stephanie Shulman.

Scene: Scott Martin and Elijah Vielma.

Scene: Juan Gamboa and Lisa Ernst.

Scene: Rob Kaplan and friend.

Scene: Gina Nanni and Jeffrey Vanwoods.

Scene: James Bosco and Nancy Donahue.

Scene: Constance von Collande and Ja’Dee Murphy.

Scene: Dustin Pittman and Alva Chinn.

Scene: Debbie Dickinson and Harry King.

Scene: Rodger del Valle and Barry Weinbaum.

Scene: Tony Spinelli, Jade Albert, Joey Hunter, and Debbie Dickinson.

Scene: Dan Brennan and Ann Marie Mobley Lieberman.

Scene: James Bosco and Joanne Russell.

Scene: Freddie Leiba and Phillip Bloch.

Scene: Gina Nanni and Duane Gazi-White.

Scene: Maurice Tannenbaum, Helen Murray, and Drareni Chekib.

Scene: Joey Hunter and Debbie Dickinson.

Scene: That’s me with Joanne Russell. Photo James Bosco with my camera.

Scene: Pat Tracey and Joe James.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Dustin Pittman.

Scene: Rochelle Mello, and Roderick Plummer with Alva Chinn dancing.

Scene: Roderick Plummer with Alva Chinn.

Scene: Joshua Kokeny, Sandy Linter, and Ricardo Marin.

Scene: Rochelle Mello and friends.

Scene: Joanne Russell and Dan Brennan.

Scene: Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and Alva Chinn.

Scene: Karina and John Verni.

Scene: Ingrid Carleton and Barbara Tate.

Scene: Guests.

Scene and Heard: Young Hearts Run Free.

Scene: Dancing the night away…

Scene: Harry King.

Scene: Big photo bomb by Pat Tracey with Alva Chinn and James Bosco.

Scene: Pat Tracey and Joe James.

Scene: Ramy Gafni.

Scene: Ann Marie Mobley Lieberman, John Verni, Karina Verni, and James Bosco.

Scene: Mike McGuire, Paul Morejón, and Andy Fuhrmann.

Scene: Joanne Russell, Sandy Linter, and Yasmine Guenancia.

Scene: Rahul Nag with Janet Wolfman in the background.

Scene: Janet Wolfman and Rahul Nag.

Scene: Kissy Mentovay and Max Herrera.

Scene: Sarah Stavrou and Renaldo Barnette.

Scene: Man-Laï Liang, Xavier Griffiths, and Lea Pelloux.

Scene: Nancy Donahue and Dustin Pittman.

Scene: Flo Kirley and Stephanie Shulman.

Scene: David Noh and friend.

Scene: Alva Chinn and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans.

Scene: Jennifer Backus and Joe Ryan.

Scene: Duane Gazi-White and Rashgene Gazi-White.

Scene and Heard: Last Dance.

Scene: A pair of Jimmy Choo Heels on the dance floor.

Scene: Nancy and Harry. Thanks for another wonderful party, Nancy and Harry!