Scene: PH5 founder, Wei Lin, and designer, Zoe Champion, created a sea fantasy to showcase their Spring Summer 2023 presentation. The collection was a statement on the importance of ocean preservation. The models were mermaids protecting the oceans as some swayed and others with plastic devices shoot bubbles into the air. Their hair with a subtle wet look and makeup with dewy skin accented the earth’s waterways.
The label’s dedication to the fusion of art and fashion comes through in every detail, with the clothes this season taking inspiration from photographer Anna Atkins, who in 1843 created a botanical monograph of British algae. This season’s knits are made from organic cotton or recycled materials and the label’s signature wavy dresses reflect the organic flow of movement underwater. Models wore crowns, jewelry, and goggles. The biodegradable and bio-plastic accessories were created by artist Caroline Zimbalist. The beauty of this underwater world serves both as a reminder of the impact we have on our waterways, and the brand’s commitment to be part of the solution. The label challenges the conventional vision of knitwear by marrying whimsical designs with architectural dimensions of knitting techniques.
Talent for the show: Hair by lead hairstylist Carly Loura and team for Cutler Salons and Redken, Makeup by lead makeup artist Maite and team for New York Makeup Academy, Nails by Jules Dahburn and team for Deco Miami, Stylists Coke Ho, Assistant Stylist Lulu Wang, Biodegradable and bio-plastic accessories Caroline Zimbalist, Hair clips by BTS, Location 64 Wooster, Photos Fred J. DeVito.

Scene: Plastic bubble device.

Scene: Caroline Zimbalist, artist, who created the biodegradable and bio-plastic crowns and accessories. She is wearing a wavy asymmetric PH5 dress with side stripe details create a slimming optical illusion.

Scene: Mermaid in action, protecting the oceans with her bubble device.

Scene: PH5 founder, Wei Lin, holding a looking glass of sorts. When looking thought it, it appears you’re viewing from underwater. These were given out at the presentation.

Special thanks to Helen Oppenheim, hair historian,  archivist, and blogger, for asking me to collaborate during Fashion Week.